I miss her tits

I used to have this friend, M. One time, early in our friendship, I was walking home and passed the main beach of our lake community. She was climbing out of the water by the diving area. She was wearing a bikini. She was drunk, and really happy to see me. She'd just started gaining weight, so her bikini was tight and her big tits and thick thighs were spilling out of it. I still remember how she jumped up and down, excited to see me, and how amazing her juicy tits looked while they bounced.

At some point, we hooked up and I got to see those tits up close, and taste them. I also got to put my face between those thick thighs and eat her pussy.

She got married and had a kid and we drifted apart, but I still walk past that beach and think of her, her tiny bikini, and her perfect body.

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