Fantasy questions personal and dog for girls

*fiction ll not a lot story telling.
I have many confessions and fantasies but today's mostly just questions

I grew up watching all ends of porn but i never got off on knotting for the longest time
I was nine when i has access to lime wire and it didn't take me long to expose myself to stuff in my age group.
So that definitely made me more accustomed to taboo. It's imprinted in my head.

But there was stuff at sleepovers and with my bro

When did you first watch porn?

Did you do things at sleepovers?

When did you first get into knot porn? I thought it was nasty until about 29 years old

Have ever convinced a girl to try it out or were you convinced?
What's the first or weirdest thing you've been talked into?

Now I get it like all the rest of us sickos

I wanna get the dog with biggest nicest looking cocks

I would probably pretrain as best I could but I wouldnt make my poor dog try my ass. I love fucking girls in the ass but think lots of girls asses are designed with some sense of fucking in mind... I have never seen a dude.. dudes shithole are different lookin..but by all means I'm sure it feels good.

If the dog liked it I would get him hard and train him in that sense. I would probably consider tasting it.
*Sorry complete straight dudes
I agree a dude sucking of a dog isn't hot.
I would also feel cruel like I was taking advantage the dog
But I think dogs don't really give a fuck as long as it feels good hence the humping if the leg.

For girl purpose: if you have to convince it's not gross then you need the best. Can't be some little weird lipstick
But I had no idea how dogs dicks pop once they are like into into it

But yeah least odd shapes and even coloring. I think multicolor is off putting for most. Kinda like food

Which dogs have the best dicks looking, tasting,biggest, most cum, hardest,?
Heard labs are good.

Wonder what a wolf or a wolf mix would be like?
Has anybody seen vid with wolf
Somethinf hot about her being able to wrap her legs around this big strong beasts and grab his fur while he fucks her.
It could almost be sensual

What do dog dicks taste like?

What does dog jizz taste like?

Is it watery like piss? Or is it thicker?

I'm thinking a bean bag or two would allow her to be positioned properly for entering her and pounding her hard with out slipping.

What have you seen or tried that works the best for best position ?

Homemade custom would probably be the way to go

I'd have to look into what's safe. Probably have to make sure the dogs cock is clean and no weird bacteria from outside or their mouth.

What are the risks of having intercourse with a dog?

Are there preventive measures?

It would be amazing if I could get a chick into this.
I have an ex girlfriend that in the right opportunity she may go for it ..
That would be so hot
She loves cum
I think if she was in a weird mindset I could probably influence it . I feel like if we came across a horse and started jokingly around it got real big I could tell her to try to suck it. Shed love to fill her mouth and cover her tits

Shes hot as hell too., Not like most videos.

Most likely meth addicts.

Which is understand. I've tried it before when I was younger (5-6 times). Although once I did binge for a week, which health wise is shit but sexually orgasmically there's nothing like it.
Also weird how your mind gets dirtier

I would say it's the top for sex

Sex drugs
1Meth - dirtykinky mind massive orgasm long lasting sometimes even a minute for men
Repeated organs
Ready to go again easy
*Con feels so good you'll blow before you even get a chance to get hard
*It's the worst drug for you in the world and the sexual stuff can fuck you up too

2ghb unique intense sensitivity
Enhances other drugs
Comfortable if done properly
Seems to work better on girls even just in terms of feeling good ..
3mdma intense connection, ability lose yourself to other worlds in the moment passionately this would be #1 but can get weird too
4coke dirtymind once you get going you can go again and again and for long periods.
4acid a lot like MDMA in a way. Love can be unreal things can be amazing I've made a girl cum so much in my life. As it's acid its not and all the time type sort of thing
5cannabis amazing it's great unless you can't do much anymore which started as I got older. CBD and THC bled oil amazing but expensive lube..
6heroin (not much but once and it was a great time) heroin whiskey cocaine. Had passionate hard 2 days of lay around fucking. She seems to get off on it too. Not enough experience.

*Pt141 you inject it into you belly (FDA just approved it for women)

You'll turn red within about half about and it can ake you feel pretty shitty for the first while. BUT
Ibecause it's not like other drugs it's actually stimulation hippocampus (not a scientist)
It does something that nothing else does ragingly hard and you need to fuck. It's like mating call or something..

I'm pretty intense and highly recommended for women, people who don't want to do drugs, and people who like to make sex better

If I got into knotting I could see getting small amounts of meth for a once a month knot fest.
That shit is really bad.. I've seen a lot of beautiful girls turn into the stereotype meth whore.
definitely makes you open to different ideas.. I'm already as dirty as it gets but any stimulant definitely make me go to dirtiest darkest places n my mind more often.

Id love to fuck her after she was filled a huge knotted load

It's sad that humans are the most sexual beings but we don't cum enough... Well men anyway..

I love those Czech GBs where 40 guys blow inside a pretty attractive girl
If I had a hot daug that would be a massive fantasy but for famtaboo I don't not get nearly as excited if it's all just out in open.. I think it's the secret desire that gets me.
That's whyd always want to get my ex to let her uncle or cousin fuck her. Or even her dad's buddies.
They would say pretty inappropriate things to her.
I should have let my dad at least okay with her tits before he died.

Have you ever had a taboo experience with your partner?

Do you find it hot thinking about your partner please men that have desired her but have been forbidden to even attempt to go through with it?

It's not just the cum that gets me off. I like everything about it but something about watching a hot girl getting her pussy filled or her mouth or even covered

When I was younger before I did steroids I would get blueballs daily and I would also save load after load.
there would be times it was never ending but why can't we find a way to do that every time.
I was a champ I coukd drench her.
There were times I got such bad blue balls that It would become a medical emergency

I fucked that up with steroids..they are bad for you balls and every thing . Don't do them!

I heard clomid can work which I will look into.
If you are weird like me pt141 is pretty crazy it's a research chem


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  • My wife fucked our Great Dane he had a gigantic load .

  • Yeah yeah heard it in so many other posts.

  • Hey pm we can talk about my wife, our fetishes and desires.

  • My taboo is wanting my wife to fuck a dog, also a horse and a boat/pig. I’d love to watch as it’s corkscrew cock would slide into her and find its way into her cervix. I’d love to see how her belly distends with the pint of cum he’d pump into herald finally the thick blob of cum which acts as a plug keeping it in her womb for up to 3 days.
    I have watched as my wife had full sex with her dad. I did join it and we spit roast her good. She was so covered in cum when we were done. Her dad produces the most cum I’ve ever seen, there’s literally like a mug full each time

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