Slut for one night

I have to admit that I was never really into reading websites like this one until my husband got me started on it. He and I will lay in bed and read eachother stories. I typically read the stories that have general topics where I noticed that I husband will almost always single out the hotwife or wife sharing stories. I asked him one night why he always reads the hotwife stories but he denied it saying it was just my imagination. I secretly started keeping track of how many stories he read and how many were hotwife or sharing stories. He was shocked when I revealed the numbers one night and told him that 98% of his stories where hotwife related. I asked him if he ever fantasized about me being with another man, and although it took some convincing, he finally fessed up and told me his fantasy was to watch me fuck another man. I asked him who he had in mind and he told me he didn't care, anyone was fine with him. I told him I had a confession to make and that I had fantasized about a young male coworker who had been flirting with me ever since he started. I typically brush him off because he's a good 16 years younger than me. That's when my husband got all excited and started begging me to fuck him. I finally agreed and that Monday back at work I asked him if he was interested. He of course was very willing. That Friday night we met up with my coworker and had drinks to ease the tension. We mad it to our bedroom where my husband watched as this much younger man stripped me naked and then proceeded to kiss every inch of my body including my vagina. Afterward he placed his well endowed member up to my vagina and penetrated me. He was hard, very hard, and I was enjoying myself maybe a little too much. I caught a glimpse of my husband as he sat on the dresser masterbating. I laid back and enjoyed every minute as this hot young stud made love to me. We moved around in several positions, from missionary, to doggy, to cowgirl, and finally back to missionary where I finished and was just waiting for him to finish. As I laid there I noticed that my husband had at some point left the room. My lover finally finished and unloaded what seemed like a gallon of sperm inside me. We got up and I walked to livingroom to find my husband playing video games. I asked if he was alright and he told me he was fine, he just finished and figured he would let us finish. I'm not sure if the one time satisfied his fantasy or if it wasn't what he expected, but I noticed he no longer singles out the hotwife stories anymore. He still reads them on occasion but nothing like he did, maybe 10% of his reading is hotwife related now. To date we have not had a repeat of with me having sex with another man, even though my coworker keeps asking me for one. I guess I'll just keep watching the numbers and if my husband starts reading more hotwife stories again, then I'll give my coworker sex again.

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  • I found out my 38 year old wife had an affair with a 23 year old jock type. I was pissed and embarrassed. My buddy's wife had one too. About 10 of the girls meet up at the corner bar for Happy Hour every Fri. The local jocks put out a MILF check list with my wife and 3 others on it. Wife and Buddy's wife were checked off. At first I thought it was BS. But the other wife said they used the same apartment -- sometimes in plain sight of each other getting laid.
    My buddy said my wife was #1 on the list and his was 2. You can only imagine the offers they had -- and it went on for months. And what if 20 year old cheerleaders had us a guys a to fuck list, we'd do every one of them.
    I should have been more heads up when she'd go to Fri Happy hour and and would come home at 7 AM Sat.
    She fessed up -- the guy had an apatite -- they did it a lot.
    All's well again. She has a shorter leash.

  • Forget the numbers, you husband has realized that having you fuck another guy wasn't what he thought it would be. I suspect he regrets the whole thing.

  • My husband is turned on by me flirting with strangers when we go out. He loves it when he gets to watch guys checking out my fancy panties looking up my short skirts. One night out things went too far and one of them had sex with me. I tried to get him to stop but he pushed into me and it was bigger than anything. When I told my husband about it he liked it, I mean really liked it?

  • I think the realization of you being fucked by another guy finally hit home. He saw you loving a young guy and fucking him silly. He wasn't any part of it, he knows he didn't exist while you were loving someone else and I don't think he could take it.

  • My wife lived out our fantasy of her fucking other men 13 to be exact . Ate every load of the was deposited in her and loved it

  • Your husband realized far too late that he should have kept that a fantasy. He came, saw you two still fucking, and in that state of mind guys only get right after they cum, regretted everything. He absolutely does not want to do it again.

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