Kissing my son in a adult way

When he was 7 or 8 my son asked after I had said goodbye to his dad, who went to work in the morning, why I am kissing his dad in a completely other way than him. I sure did. With my husband i was a mature kiss and with my son rurely not.

The whole morning he teased me about it. What I do and why I do it and why not with him. After we had lunch it was enaough for me. we sat down and I told him, that what I did with his dad were adult kisses and with him were childish.

He shook his head ok but he looked sad. he told me, that he is a big boy now and he wants to kiss as a big boy. that went on the whole afternoon. and finally I did it. we sat down on the settee I took his head in my hands an I told him to do what I do.

I kissed him and after a moment I open my lips and let my tongue touch his. His lips opened too and our tongues had a battle. I could not tell you why, but I became wet doing it. and when we quit I could see, that his pants showed excitement too. How could that be?

We did that more often from then on. But only when his dad was at work. We just did it, never more. but when he was 11 (going 12) he came done one morning when his dad was just gone. he came to me and started kissing as we did it each morning for some years now. but tis time I suddenly feld a poking in my stomach.

Without thinking about, my hand went there and then I had his cock in my hand. We were still kissing and I did not know how to handle this stuation. Everything was spinning in my head. The easiest way might have been to just take my hand away. But I did not. Dont know why. Then he did some moves in my hand and then he moaned and my hand got wet. He came. My own son came to my touch.

I went to our bedroom and closed the door. I lay there and thought about it. How wrong it might be and what would happen if anyone gets to know about it. I went to him to talk about it. He lay on his bed, naked and with his cock in his hand, jerking it. I stood there and stared at him. our eyes met but he did not stop.

I went over to him, took his hand from his cock and replaced her with mine. I told him, never ever anyone could know about this and then I jerked him to the second cum. One of many that followed.

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  • I know most stuff on here is fake fantasy especially the underage stories, but this is true.

    I won't go into much detail , But my mom really did touch me and eventually caused my first orgasm ever. which eventually escalated through all the steps to having sex after a few weeks

    I have struggled with this all my life, was it ok or not? How could pleasure not be ok? Throughout adolescence and leading to now, I continued to often look up adult content on incest. How do you think I came here lol? Some of the stories are really hot, porn in the written word.

    There are times when I think that I was the luckiest guy in the world when it started and still agree. if you are disgusted by incest in general, and are mother to a young son, then I'll say youre missing out on the hottest sex in the world

    Do I wish she hadn't done it? Depends on the day. I can only ever think of one thing I would change. She always turned the light off before anything, i realized I would have wanted her to leave on a little so i can see her. More often I wish incest was viewed positively. I'm not saying everyone should have a sexual experience with their parents, or that if they did, that it had be enjoyable. Mine was. Very comforting :-D.

    I'll try to answer questions if I find one I am comfortable with but more seeking advice about processing such events please...

  • I told my mom that I was afraid to kiss a girl because I'd never done it before. She told me she would help me, and I could practice on her. Now my mom is attractive, and I've thought about her at times when masturbating. We practiced regular kissing at the beginning, but eventually she was showing me how to French kiss. We got breathing so hard when my mom grabbed my cock. I started fondling her breasts, and before I knew it, we were in bed fucking. What a tight pussy my mom has, and greats tits and ass besides. We fucked most of that night and again in the morning.

  • How old were you? Did she blow you? Where did you blow your load? I usually liked giving mine facials. And of course she's taken my whole load in her mouth. As I got older, the semen increased to where she couldn't swallow all at once and it poured out the sides of mouth. So hot.

  • Omg that's so hot 🔥, suck his cock and get ya pussy licked every morning then progress onto sex

  • Https://
    This one is also really hot and is similar to my mother, though I was younger. My favorite line is:
    "I decided to give him a good one, I guess my mom's pride kicked in at that moment, if I had decided to suck my sons cock, well no other woman was going to suck his cock as good as his mother did the first time."

    And thats the point, not to sexually possess him forever, but prepare him for girls his own age, but mom makes it clear that his first girlfriends will be no where near the blowjob master she is, and she will always be there for him if a girl hurts him.

  • OP: Thank you very much!

  • Society has it backwards. it's abuse/neglect for mothers to not AT LEAST jack off their sons. And it should begin well before adolescence. blowjobs should begin after the first ejaculation.

  • 100% agree!!!!

  • Very hot. Pleased that a mommy took the initiative, since I was also a preteen when Mine began jerking me.

    In my opinion it shouldn't have taken years to progress from kissing to a handjob. I might be biased because of how young I was. But you're on the right track. Be sure to use KY warming lubricant. He will screaaaam.

  • OP: Thank you!
    We are european, so he is uncut. No KY needed :-)

  • OP: how old is your son now? did you ever go further? are you still intimate? i know so many questions, i'm just fascinated to hear how other mothers introduced and guided their sons in their sexuality, especially when it begins at such an age :-D

  • Please don't use "OP:" when you are not the Original Poster!

  • Oh sorry I just meant it as a direction at you, wont happen again.

  • OP: no Problem :-)
    Perhaps only type "to OP". But if you reply to what the Poster wrote, I would understand. But now to your Question. You are right, that happened a while ago. He's 16 now, will be 17 in november. In between I've heard from many other moms who experienced similar. No we did not go further. For his 16th birthday he wished a blowjob and I thought about it, but I'm too scared me might loose the rest respect he still has for his mom. So he from time to time gets a handjob and I think he likes. by the way, he has a girlfriend for 2 months now.

  • Should clarify... "Ive spoken to mom's that only allow their sons to see her naked body and explain to those who have orgies with their multiple sons. It's wild." I meant that as a spectrum. hope to hear from you soon.

  • To OP: I see. It is indeed up to each mother and son, and mostly mother, to decide how far the intimacy will go. Ive spoken to mom's that only allow their sons to see her naked body and explain to those who have orgies with their multiple sons. It's wild.
    As for oral, Why would he lose respect for you? I can only say that it brought my mother and I closer than ever. Ejaculating in her mouth was the hottest but also most loving thing I had experienced to then. But anyway, with a girlfriend now, things are probably taken care of. Do you know how far he and his girlfriend have gone?

  • OP: Thank you very much. But it would lead too far here to explain about our Living. I am no dom but I think a community like a family only can work, when there is a little respect between parents and kids. by the way, it might only be that I'm scared. I am a fearful person (have ever been). No, I don't know how far he and his girlfriend have gone but yesterday he asked for another handjob :-)

  • Handjobs by a skillful woman are definitely underrated. you can do things with hands that you can't with mouth or vagina. and of course it also allows for intimate kissing :-)

    That's all good if you are scared of going further, it is just my advice that you try it. Uh-oh, sounds like girlfriend isn't very generous if he asked you. Are you gonna do it?

  • OP: Sure I did. I'm a good and loving Mom ;-)))

  • To OP...

    I've been in therapy talking about, among other things, what happened between us (she's passed). Everyone insisted I was abused but as I talked more about it, I realized I didn;t consider it trauma, since I had actually LOVED it. in fact in my opinion , mothers that don't introduce their sons to sexual pleasure are the ones being the abusive, or at least neglectful.

    I just have so many more questions for you lol

  • OP: want to mail?

  • Absolutely

  • What an amazing story mom. Have a father/daughter story to share with you. Please write me at: gsummers at tutanota dot com

  • I just read this out to my partner and he is jealous that he didn't get to get adult kisses from his mom but even now at 32 he would still love to try to

  • OP: I have often thought about it and if it was right, what I did (happened years ago), but in between I talked to some other moms and there are many outside who would be open to it. especially when they live alone and dont want/like one-night-stands. Its only the mental taboo what stands in the way. Stupid thing, I think!

  • Most sons would kiss their moms and have sex with them. I used to have sex with my mom and its great. I have so much confidence in myself and do bot regret anything. Legalize it.

  • Down to what age? how old were you?

  • I was 16 ;)

  • So hot, but should be legal way younger.

  • My mom is a hot mom all my friends want to fuck. When we got drunk, and started making out, she was no longer my mom. I started feeling one of her perfect breasts as our tongues swirled around each others. My mom grasped my hard cock through my shorts before going to her bedroom. We both were naked in record time and in bed together. I watched my cock moving back and forth inside her still tight pussy. She can wear a bikini, but still has a nice full brown pubic triangle. It turns me on to see it. Sometimes she'll just have on a t-shirt or tank top but nothing else. I see her great ass and her bush, I get horny and get her shirt off so I can feel her great tits and suck on her hard nipples. Followed shortly by some hard fucking.

  • He will end up fucking his mom !!!

  • What's so wrong about that?? I slept with my mom many times and i loved growing up that way. There are benefits to this lifestyle.

  • He will end up a serial killer, you monsterous cunt !

  • Rubbish, he'll end up very happy

  • Sons and moms have a special bond not unusual for them to have sex

  • Damn that's sexy.

  • Sexiest sex there is

  • Have you done more with him

  • There's nothing wrong with you and your son being intimate. It creates a special bond.

  • At any age?

  • Maybe, I would say 14 upwards.

  • Hmmm id say like 8. maybe too young for many, but was amazing for me

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