I Love Watching Men Masturbate

When I was around 13 I was spending a couple of weeks at my Aunt and Uncle's house and one day my Aunt had gone shopping with her kids and my Uncle was at work. I was kind of bored so I wondered around their back yard which was fenced in. I looked through a knot-hole in the fence and saw a man probably in his 30's laying on a patio lounge chair completely naked and he was masturbating. I knew what masturbation was from a sex-ed class but of course I had never seen a man masturbate. I had seen infant boys penis's but I had never seen anything so huge! I had no idea they got that big. I watched in awe keeping as quiet as I could and eventually he began to squirm around and then he raised his hips up and began to ejaculate. Seeing those thick white streams of semen shoot from his penis took my breath away.

Ever since then I've loved watching a guy masturbate and ejaculating. There's just something about seeing them pleasure themselves that really excites me. In the past I've asked guys to do it for me but some are hesitant, which I can understand but my husband does for me every once in a while and he has come to like doing it and seeing me get excited.

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  • I use to master bate for my girlfriend. She was in her late twenties and never saw a man masturbate. She loved watching me.

  • One of my biggest fantasies is to jerk of for a woman telling me about her first time giving a blowjob. It doesn't have to be dirty talk, just a detailed account of what happened. I can't ask my wife for this, for various reasons.

  • Yes I love when my women talks dirty to me. I love when she tells me to fuck her ass or she wants two cocks. I went out with this one lady that never got it in her ass. She would love me to put it in her ass. She would tell me she is a ass whore. I love dirty talk.

  • I'd show you how a guy can masterbate never refuse to perform for you x

  • Give me your Facebook page. I nasterbate on video

  • I would do it for you ;)

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