My Wife Loves Me to Eat My Cum

A few years ago our kids were gone for the weekend and my wife and I had the house to ourselves and we planned to take advantage of it. We had been planning the weekend and teasing each other so much so that by noon we couldn't stand it anymore and ran into the bedroom for a quick one. She got on top of me and it didn't take long because I was pretty horny and within no time I was over the edge. She hadn't had a chance to cum so I raised her up and over my head to finish her off with my tongue. She got pretty aroused but after a while she scooted down and said she could feel my cum starting to slide out of her. I don't know why but I just grabbed her hips and put her above me again and watched as my sperm oozed out of her right into my mouth. It turned her on so much looking down between her legs she began to masturbate and begged me to eat our cum. It was really hot for both of us. It was the first time I'd ever tasted my semen and it wasn't as bad as some women say it is.

After that she would think up different ways to have me eat my cum. Like one time we were sitting in the living room late at night watching a movie and sharing a bowl of ice cream. After the movie was over she game me a really nice hand job and although I didn't know it, she caught my cum in the spoon we'd used for the ice cream without me knowing it and then while I was catching my breath, she held the spoon up to my mouth and told me there was a little ice cream left and put the spoon in my mouth. I soon recognized the taste and she had me roll it around my mouth and then swallow it. Needless to say she was extremely turned on and we went to bed and made love for a long time.

Once she read an erotic story about a guy that like raising his hips above his head and ejaculating straight into his mouth and so we tried that. It was kind of uncomfortable but it was really hot watching my cum spurt out of my penis right into my mouth.

I think for her it had a lot to do with the fact she didn't think many guys would be open to doing that and that's the main thing of what turned her on. It didn't have anything to do with humiliation or domination of which neither of us is into but more doing something that is new and out of the ordinary.


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  • I typically eat my cum out of my wifes pussy cause she likes to orgasm multiple times so once im done I eat her out as much as she wants to satisfy her. My cum with her sweet pussy juice is great. I dont care at all.

  • I like to lick my cum at of my wives asshole

  • Done that too.

  • She has you by the balls. She knows what turns you on and will dominate you in the end. I suspect she has already put two and two together and has figured out a way to run your sex life from here on. Don't be shocked if she wants more than you are offering.

  • I love sucking my cum out of my wifes pussy. It turns her on too.I know she fantasizes about me eating another mans jizz out of her, but she knows that will never happen, unless she takes another mans load without my knowing.

  • Ate the cum of several guys I shared my wife with it was great

  • Same here ate the cum of all 13 guys she fucked it was great

  • Now it’s time to eat another’s guys cum

  • Yes that’s true ate every guys cum that fucked my wife 13 guys cum which she was still fucking other guys

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