Salty Tasting Cum :

My wife has been very open about her x ‘s sexual activity. We where taking one night and out of the blue . She starts talking about her x’s salty tasting cum . My response since she had given me many blow jobs well how does my cum taste her response it taste good remember it got protein just getting my protein for the day . Now back to Salty Cum asked since she had been with other men she said only man with salty cum she had experienced . Why do you think it tasted that way ? Her response diet is all she could think of .

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  • I totally would have volunteered to taste it with her!

  • Would have let you

  • He likely eats way too much salt in his diet. My wife says my cum tastes sweet, probably because I eat loads of sugar, or maybe I am just one sweet dude.

  • Lol might be

  • Yes, diet is the answer.

  • Thank you for your response

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