My aunt gives us blowjobs

My mom’s old sister is 56 and divorced. She’s been giving us blowjobs pretty much any time we want. She does me and my friends. She won’t let us fuck her but says she just likes to suck dicks a lot.

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  • I'll bet with all of that practice she's real good with a cock in her mouth.

  • My aunt was late 40s and divorced and not the prettiest thing in the world, short, chubby, outdated hairstyle, glasses. But she loved getting laid. 3 of my friends and I all lost our virginity to her.

  • How many of you?

  • I did my aunt at 15 hot slim blonde going short as her hubby worked at sea his loss my gain was always round her house fucking her parents never found out.

  • Does she ever let you guys give her head or at least feel her up while she's sucking cock?

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