My grandma caught me sniffing her dirty panties while I jerked of

Oh my god! I dont know how I'm ever going to look at her the same again. Im a 24yo married man and she walked in on me just as I was unloading onto her pillow. Her gusset was so dirty and the smell was intoxicating, but yeah Im really embarrassed.

What should I do?

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  • Love stinky twat

  • You should stop telling lies.

  • My mom caught me wacking off with her panties draped over my face one night. She slapped the shit out of me, grabbed her panties outa my hand, then told my dad, whom proceeded to beat me till I was bloody and bruised. I never did that again.

  • I thought you said her panties were draped over your face. How did she grab them out of your hands if they were on your face?

  • When she walked in, I dropped my cock and grabbed her panties off of my face. Are you retarded or something? Oh, sorry, I mean are you "special"?

  • I think your grandmother probably knows men jerk off.

  • Tell her you love the smell of her pussy, and ask her if you can bury your face in it. If your lucky you can tap that old dust hole.

  • +1

    Lube the old rusty joints and give them a good workout. Ass and pussy

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