I have a one inch penis

My ex-gf told her friends that Im tiny, and now they all laugh when they see me in the street. Someone told my mum too :(

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  • I have a boyishly small penis and make up for it by having an exceptional good looking @ss. I look really good in my sister's panties and have lots of boy's trying to get um off of me.

  • I am not very big either, but I have turned the tables and found it to be rather rewarding. I started dressing in sexy lingerie and sucking cock, and I have found a newfound sexual power in being a slut. So flattering to know men want your body. So powerful to be able to make them cum.

  • I'll suck your small dick if you want.

  • Wouldn't your Mom already have known?

    Don't worry about it, just become an expert at eating pussy instead.

  • My cock is small too, but it gets me off everytime.

  • Quit bragging. We know it's not nearly that big.


  • Not too worry , I got a tiny one too , no shame in it . I humped lots of underage gals with it too so there‚Äôs no shame in it .

  • Lies

  • Don't worry me. Tiny oeter

  • Don't worry, all British people have small dicks. Even the women.

  • Not nice! But it did make me laugh.

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