Flashing Mother in Law

I have written previously about my fetish for flashing the MIL. Over the last 2 to 3 years I have gone out of my way to make sure my cock 'accidentally' pops out or is exposed to her at least one or twice a month. Sometimes my 'accidents' are more obvious than others. Naked, i may run passed the spare room in which she is sleeping with the door open or I may come out of the toilet with my knob out knowing that she is on the other side of the door. She spends a lot of time at our house because she looks after the kids.

Recently however I have moved to the far more obvious. When she was led in the spare room about to go to bed I let my cock hang out the side of my fitted shorts and I had a full conversation with her about the following day. Also, whilst I was getting dressed the other day, I asked if she would iron me a shirt. The ironing board was set up on the landing so I repeatedly walked passed completely naked (but holding my cock and balls up with my hand to make it look like I am attempting to hide them when I am actually doing the opposite). I also did an obvious towel drop on her within about 2 meters of where she sat. During this one I quietly apologised and she nervously replied "it's ok" so I did it again straight away. My tricks are so obvious these days it is ridiculous so last night I told her "I know I'm weird and I do some weird stuff. If ever it gets to much just say 'Ben, you're being an idiot' and I will stop and never do it again". She simply replied "what are you talking about, I don't know what you're on about".

Surely this means she is complicit? The fact she leaves the spare bedroom door open when she stays over, and I have flashed her here at least 10 times when she is led in the bed, means she is happy for me to continue?? She speaks to me completely normally even if my cock is hanging out!

At the moment the kids are off school so she is over early and stays until about 7pm. Tomorrow morning I am planning a towel drop again but it will be combined with me carrying things so I will have to place everything down before picking up the towel. Obviously I won't rush to empty my hands or grab the towel! This will therefore provide at least 4 or 5 seconds of close up 'exposuring'


Do you think she is happy to continue this silliness?


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  • I flashed my MIL before. It was right after my wife and I got married, maybe 6 months or so. Her mother came to visit and we only had a small one bedroom apartment. I got up one morning to go fishing and it was really early. My wife and I slept naked back then so I just walked out of the bedroom on my way to the bathroom buck ass naked. Honestly I didn't even think my MIL would be awake, but she was, and not only was she awake, she was in the bathroom. So here I am walking buck ass naked to the bathroom and my MIL is coming out of the bathroom and we stop right in front of eachother. She looks down at my dick and then back up at me and says. "Very nice, I can see why my daughter married you now", then she looked down at it again before moving to the side and letting me through to the bathroom. I still catch my MIL looking at my crotch area to this day, and in fact she just did it again here about a month ago when she was over for a cook out. Her and I was talking and she looked down at my crotch. I laughed and asked if she was ever going to forget about that, she smiled and simply said No.

  • Well it happened, I had my cock out and she took it and led me to the bedroom and said, make it good and you get more later.

  • The cunt who wrote the above reply is not the author of the original post.

  • Next time she's in the shower, get in with her. That'll answer the question.

  • Try flashing strangers, it will be a bigger turn on. I expose my bare bottom to strangers all the time, in retails stores, very small strip malls and fast food places. I wear super short cut off shorts with a quarter of my bare behind showing at the bottom. What looks and reactions I get from laughing to shock and disgust.

  • Are you a man?

  • Hi yes I am a man

  • Hi are you a man?


  • Really...? You have obviously not read much on this website. I think my fetish is fairly tame.

  • When she gets sick of you being a dick head and gives you a giant kick in the nuts I think you will know how he feels, silly prick

  • I know it's not good but that's part of the kick! I agree I'm being a prick.

  • Your an embarrassment

  • Forget about it, she is not interested.

  • She's not into you ! You should graduate to flashing strange women on the bus or train. There are reams of porno out there to show you how.

  • No. Get in trouble doing that.

  • The bigger the risk, the harder the dick, the harder the dick, the better the orgasm, the better the orgasm, the happier you will be. You are getting nowhere with the MIL, that's a dry gulch !

  • I carried out my plan on Friday. I dropped my towel whilst my hands were full, thus prolonging the exposure for several seconds. It worked well but this time she didn't respond at all. Later that same day after work I told her I was having a shower and I stripped naked with the door open whilst i pretended to brush my teeth (!). She popped her head round to tell me she was leaving and there I was - completely naked! I offered her a lift in the car but she declined. I therefore followed her, grasping the base of my cock (as if to hide it), and I repeatedly offered the lift. She declined but by now I was standing right in front of her completely naked.

    I tried a plan this morning but unfortunately it failed?

  • It probably didn't bother her. My MIL saw me so many times that to her it was the same as seeing me dressed. She'd walk in on me and talk to me while I was getting ready....shaving or brushing my teeth, stark naked, and it was normal to her. The only time I shocked her was when she walked in on me and I was hard.

  • Maybe she is just fine with nudity, and/or has poor eyesight?

    Just because someone is not offended by a naked body does not mean they have a sexual interest in it.

  • Just get close and kiss her

  • She knows what you are doing and thinks that you are an idiot.

  • Most likely she enjoys your shows but would never admit it

  • Not

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