My Lovely Daughter

My wife and I divorced and left me and also our daughter nearly two years ago. she was a nasty horrible woman, very selfish and formed a relationship with a younger man she worked with.
My daughter was only fourteen at the time and took it badly and unfortunately she is rather mentally retarded which my ex-wife found impossible to deal with. Subsequently, I retired early to look after Melanie and to take her to her special school and to always be there for her when she came home. We have become very close.
Anyway, the about two months ago we were watching TV together curled up and cuddling on the sofa in our Pj's when Melanie asked if she could take a shower, of course I said, but with you daddy she replied. I was rather shocked, but then she kissed me, took my hand and we went to the bathroom, I got undressed, turned on the shower, stepped in and turned around. Melanie looked so beautiful standing there waiting naked to step in that I held my hands out and drew her in against me. I instantly became erect, feeling her small firm breasts against my skin as I applied the soap, I felt her open her legs and I soaped her vagina, she clasped my penis feeling it in her hand, suddenly she said, towel my dry daddy and take me to bed I want you to make love to me.
We got to my bedroom in a state of frenzied passion, kissing, caressing, whispering sweet nothings to each other, I pulled the duvet back and watched with such desire as she climbed in, then I was in next to her rolling around feeling each other, then she climbed on top and she gently guided my penis into her vagina and I took her virginity.
We lay quietly, kissing with Melanie slowly moving her hips from side to side and moaning that she always wanted my big thing inside her, wanted to feel what it was like. We spent that whole night making love.
Now we are sleeping together, there is no chance of Melanie becoming pregnant, because after she was born my ex-wife made me have a vasectomy. I feel such overwhelming love and desire for her as my daughter and my lover.


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  • I really think that disabled persons whatever problems they have are human beings and so they have a right on a sexual life too. My husband have discussed it when I was pregnant with our first child and we both thought the same. and we both agreed that if they don't meet a partner themselves, we would serve them. both our kids are healthy.

  • All I can say is I hope you and Melanie are very happy together.And one day When I am a father I would love to have the same relationship that you do with yours.I would like to talk more with you if you want?I'll leave my email here drangonriderwill @

  • Do you think your daughter can keep it a secret?

  • We are so close that I am sure she will.
    As for the post below, I love my daughter, she knows full well what we are doing and it is fulfilling a need in both of us, so it might be abhorrent to some people but to us it completes a relationship. We now depend on each other for an additional need in our lives.
    Melanie gets such pleasure from our love making, she is very sexy and enjoys our new closeness as much as I do.
    The reason I posted in the first place, is that there must be other fathers in my position with daughters like mine who should not feel guilty if such a relationship should develop provided it is always loving and caring.

  • It's good if Melanie can keep it a secret because you don't want someone ruining what you two have. There are many incestuous couples who have to live under the radar, which is so unfair. I'm in a relationship with my sister and we've been together for ten years. Its time to legalize family relationships.

  • Thank you for posting that kind comment, I just had to tell someone as I guess I was feeling guilty in many ways, but I know Melanie is loving our new relationship as she is getting so much pleasure and satisfaction from it. I guess also that she knows that she will never have a boyfriend as she is so dependent.
    You are obviously having a loving relationship with your sister, its very special.

  • You're very welcome. You have nothing to feel guilty about and you are giving Melanie a loving relationship which is bringing you both happiness. That can only ever be a good thing. Thank you for comment in regards to my sister.

  • Disabled sex is so abhorrent

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