1st time pussy licking...sweet!!

Well this post refers back to my very first girlfriend that I had in high school. She was 16 and I was 18. She thought being the girlfriend of a senior was cool, but in reality, she was the cool thing. She was hot, a real looker, and my kind of girl. That meaning that she didn't have any problem trying new things or putting up with me.. She took my suggestions literally and most of these suggestions usually had something to do with her. She never got upset, and never took things personally or ever thought any thing I asked her to do was a personal assault on her character. I loved her. She was so sweet and always had a smile. Well, back then, the late 70's, early eighties, there were no computers, cell phones or other technology. We spent time together and talked a lot about everything, and always face to face. As our relationship became more intimate, we started experimenting more with each other. We'd find a quiet place in the country, pull the car over and neck, and fool around and sometimes the clothes would come off. She was the third daughter of four siblings, 1 brother and 3 sisters. Her three sisters were much older than she was and all 3 had gotten pregnant in high school and were all single parents now...sucks to be them. But knowing this, Cindy had made her mind up to not break her fathers heart and get pregnant before she got married. That is something that to this day I thank her for, because it spared me getting her pregnant and having child support, but it also elevated me in that family because her dad held me in high esteem for treating his baby girl with respect. That doesn't mean we weren't physical, we just found other things to do to get around intercourse. One day as we were fooling around, she took my pants off and proceeded to give me the best handjob I had ever had up to that point. And that was pretty much how I got her to relieve my being horny, she got real good with stroking me to orgasm. But what about her? I knew that she was horny and wanted sexual release, but up to that point sexual intercourse was the norm. Oral sex was never talked about and was never performed, and I knew that intercourse was strictly prohibited with her as it was too easy to get pregnant. One night I took her to the drive-in movie, there was a triple feature playing, but the only one we really cared about was the first one, and it was pretty much over by 11pm. I had this huge '69 full sized Chevy station wagon that I bought cheap, but it became the best vehicle I ever owned, because that night I drove to the movie in it. After the 1st movie ended most of the cars left. There were a few still there, which gave me a chance to find another place to park away from anyone else so my girl and I could get into the back, lie down and have the time of our lives. And so we did. I took off the rest of my clothes, asked Cindy to do the same, and she complied. I had bought extra blankets and pillows with us so we actually could cuddle naked together under the blankets. It didn't take Cindy long to start stroking my dick, as it was her favorite pastime when we were together. God her touch felt good and she was becoming very proficient in holding me off from orgasm so she had more time to play. I asked her what could I do to help her get off like she was doing for me. She suggested I put a couple fingers in her vagina, and very easy and slow stroke her womanhood, she thought that might help. So I did, and it was the first time I had ever touched a girls privates, she was soaked and her parts (I didn't know what to call them then) were so slippery, and I stroked her labia and ran a finger tip around the opening of her vagina. She had so many different textures in and around her pussy that I thought was fascinating and almost intoxicating. But she still wasn't able to orgasm, but back then I didn't know girls even could orgasm, I thought that was left to us guys as part of us impregnating them. How awkward I felt about her needs. I do remember diving under the blankets to look for a flashlight and came very close to her pubic mound. I noticed the scent of her sex, her wetness, and I had her scent already on my fingers which intrigued me. So I leaned a little more forward and kissed her pubic mound. Because she was so wet from her own excitement I happened to nuzzle my nose into that wetness when I kissed her, and it was pungent and strong and I tasted it slightly when I kissed her because it had gotten on my lips and it was sweet to the taste. I thought that was odd, yet so inviting. So I kissed her again, this time though she jerked so slightly, and moaned, and told me to do it again, she liked how it felt when I kissed her there. I kissed her pubic hair area a few more times, but I still had no clue about what else to do to give her the kind of feelings she gave me. She told me this time to part the hair in the middle, and kiss the skin below it. So I parted the hair, and instead of kissing her, I stuck my tongue out and licked her, she let out a moan so loud I thought I had hurt her, she asked me what had I done, and I said that I licked her. She asked me to do it again and keep doing it, well I sure obliged, and I found that I was really turned on by her privates, I had never touched a girl this way before, so I proceeded to lick my way around her mound, I finally got it right about just where she wanted me to part the hair, and her labia was so soft, so silky smooth, so hot and so...yummy! She told me to part the lips and run my tongue up and down along the length of her labia, and when I got to the bottom she asked me to use my tongue to lick the opening of her vagina, and I noticed it started making her moan more and her breathing was faster, so I licked her and I tongued her, then she asked to lick her clitoris. I had no idea what she was talking about. She said it's the little pointy thing at the very top that feels like a cord, please lick it and lick it hard, so I did and she all of a sadden started spasming, her legs were trembling and she was trying to muffle a scream. So I asked what happened and did i do something wrong. She said that no I didn't do anything wrong but did everything right. She said that whatever I had done to make this incredible feeling wash over her, she wanted it again. So I did everything as before to her and it happened it again. I didn't know then what it was called but it hit her the same way her stroking my dick did me. And I did it a third time, but now that I was becoming more familiar with her parts I did some things different and I got the same response. Each time I noticed her juices tasted better, sweeter, I now know that some of that is hormones and pheromones, but she still tasted good, I liked kissing her and licking her pussy and it became my go to pastime when we got together, made even better by the fact that it was pleasurable for both of us and there was no threat of a possible pregnancy. And as we experimented on each other, the thrills and intense feelings just kept getting better. I was finally able to bring her to orgasm instead of leaving her sexually frustrated. And she continued giving me handjobs and using different lubes and lotions that really heightened my pleasure. But that experience of learning to give the most pleasure possible to a girl has stayed with me. Did I say that she started sprinkling perfume around her triangle, her bra and her hair to make the experience of oral sex on a female intoxicating? Woohoo!!


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  • When I was 18 I gave a married babe, 35, oral. I had fake ID to get into a club. This was 50 years ago. I had just started doing it for my girlfriend who was a virgin before me, recently did it for the first time. She said I wasn't every good, I was bobbing my head the way my GF would when she gave me BJs. What did I know? For a year she gave me private lessons -- sometimes I would purposely start bobbing my head again to catch hell from her, and to get more lessons.
    She'd usually give me a hand job, and a few blow jobs. I fucked her once when she was real hot from the oral -- but made her worry about being knocked up. So I started using condoms when when we fucked - which started happening more often - it became my call on how the night would end. I got so good at the oral she just let me do as I please. She had a love hate thing with getting fucked. She'd cum like a nympho, but soon after feel guilty. The last time she really cried, saying her husband didn't deserve such a whore wife.

  • That teenage experience of learning how great foreplay was, happened to me also. My 16 year old girlfriend, I was 17, would go parking and did a lot of kissing, and back then all the teenager girls wore dresses or skirts on dates. At some point I put my hand on her stomach and just rubbed around and around, and realized that ever so slowly, I was pulling her dress higher and higher uncovering more and more of her beautiful legs. This was a very slow process and sometimes she would move the dress back down but that only made it more exciting to try again and again to bring her dress up toward her panty line. I am not sure when it finally happened but finally one night I had her dress up all the way up so that I could touch her panties right at the perfect spot. What amazed me was how damp her panties were, more sticky than damp but what a truly magical moment for me and I am pretty sure for her. Years later we were able to see each other and we talked about those wonderful teenage years. We both realize that we grew up together in those intimate moments. Did we go all the way, well this is not that story, but both my sisters got pregnant as teens and I made a promise to myself to not let that happen to me and add another disappointment for my mom and Dad. Many years later now and I can still remember the feel of those damp panties. Wish I could do that again to her!!!

  • She never gave you a blow job in return? Only hand jobs?

    Nice story, sweet.

  • Eventually she did. She told me one day that since oral was her delight and she could really get into it because there was no risk of pregnancy she let herself go and just let the orgasms sweep over her. She said she wanted to try doing the same to me. Since I'd never experienced it myself I had no idea what to expect and really couldn't tell her what I liked. Well she took the initiative and started licking my cock like an ice cream cone. She did put it in her mouth and my what a feeling. She closed her lips around me and slowly stroked it up and down, I asked her to use her tonque and her hands and just keep a constant pressure on me as she stroked it with her mouth. Wow, she sure felt good, and nothing felt as good as her mouth on me that day. I asked her slow down a couple times to prolong the sensation she was giving me and to give her more play time. But eventually I couldn't resist that hot mouth of hers and let go in her mouth without warning. She gagged a little but kept going, and knowing what just happened she had a huge smile. She held me in her mouth until it went soft, licked it a few more times and kissed it. I assume she swallowed because I never saw her spit it out, and then later after we talked about it she did admit to having swallowed because she didn't want to pull off and have me lose my orgasm. Wow...how awesome. She said it was her first time doing that and liked it and wanted to do it again.

  • That"s disgusting, dude. That's where a girls pee comes out, and all her vaginal discharge, and you're licking it? Make me vomit all over myself.

  • Well sucks to be you then

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