Any women have sex with their dogs?

Curious if there’s any women out their who se reply ha e sex with their dogs or share the moment with their spouses.



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  • I woke up one night and I could feel my pussy being eaten out (I sleep naked). I thought it was my bf but realised it was my rottweiler getting randy with me.

    I know this is strange but its the was the best oral sex Ive ever had. I want him to do it again

  • OMG. That's so romantic.

  • I was out with friends and got really drunk, I was not driving and really did not even remember coming home. I woke up the next morning naked and in my bed, there was a peanut butter container on my nightstand with a spoon in it and I stared at it for several minutes wondering why I would have craved it. I began moving around and the inside of my thighs seemed sticky and as I woke up more I could see brown areas on my sheet. I was trying to pull it all together wondering what the hell happened when I realized I had it coming out of me still. My little dog heard me stirring around and jumped up on the bed then began licking up the peanut butter residue on the sheet. I know I turned white as a ghost as I put it together in my head and gathered up the sheets to wash them. I stood in the shower telling myself I could not have been that drunk that I do not even remember it but the way things looked he enjoyed licking me while I slathered it onto myself because I was pretty packed with peanut butter.

  • We've experimented with my parents dog, when we were young. we that is me and my best friend (f) at that time. we did everything but let him fuck us.

  • Curious.. Why didn't you let him fuck you? Obviously you got a kick out of playing with the Dog and I assume you meant letting him lick your Cunt.

  • Did you two play with each other also?

  • Yes, explored each other and licked each other’s pussy

  • My husband asked me one night if I would try something really crazy after quite a few glasses of wine. I told him sure why not and took off my clothes while he went and grabbed some peanut butter. I spread out a sheet on the floor and laid down then he put some on my nipples and watched our dog lick them clean. He then put some on my thighs and vag watching him lick away on me while I laid thinking that this felt pretty good. I reached down and rubbed myself while getting licked clean again and he never stopped licking as I built up to a really great orgasm. My husband was just an observer now as I turned around and several poundings finally got his cock into me. My husband was completely turned on by it all and I could not believe our dogs cock was larger than my husbands. He finally swelled up and grunted his way to an orgasm while I rubbed myself harder.
    We have done this a few more times together and I have also done it when he is not home because it does feel pretty amazing.

  • My wife fucked our Great Dane wouldn’t take his knot it was the size of hard ball

  • Bummmer. I've seen some Vids of Women taking the Knot and it's really hot watching it come out slow...

  • Darling thats nice but you have to be careful when the dog Knott's in you, for the first few times best to have you husband there to hold him in because it can really hurt you if he starts pulling with the knot in you after a while you will both get used to it even to the extent he will kick his front paws over and lock bum to bum for up to 30 minutes that feeling is just so great
    All the best sweetie

  • Shut the fuck up. All you do is say the same thing over and over again you disgusting pig. Everything you write is fake regarding you and your dog Brownie. Just shut up already you vile cow.

  • Hey you poor little prick, BROWNIE is stuck fast in your little brain isn't he, so funny

  • You speak the truth. When I was 14 and 92# was the first time our big black lab knotted inside my pussy, it felt awesome. Until he heard something and decided to take off, he drug me out of my bedroom backwards. My mistake was grabbing the door frame to stop him, I stopped he didn't. It didn't hurt his cock at all, however it ripped my pussy almost to my asshole.
    I never told anyone, I just kept it packed with heavy feminine napkins till it healed. I walked funny and slow for a couple of days, told my parents I hurt my leg in gym class. Luckily I didn't suffer any long term damage, just a nasty looking scar, and stretched out pussy lips.

  • Just spewed in my mouth.

  • This is dirty. against animal rights.

  • Pretty sure the dog had a great time

  • They can't consent.

  • Yes three times and it was interesting but it was also hard to get him interested in me first I tried it on my hands and knees but he just walked around me licking my face and my pussy and when he finally did mount me his cock just slipped up and down the crack of my ass until my husband helped him get inside of me then he went wild hopping around and scratching up my sides until Larry put some socks on his feet and when he finally got with the program he had this knot at the base of his cock that he tried to force into me and that hurt like hell but when he did cum it was a little thicker than water and it ran down both my legs.
    I wouldn't do it again for a couple weeks but my husband begged me to so I give in and Larry had been reading up on this and he put socks o n his feet first this time and I laid on my back on the edge of the bed and Oso our Rottie licked me for a long time and I did cum then Larry helped him up onto me and jacked him until he was hard then he worked Oso,s cock into me then he pushed him into me and Oso decided then that he liked it and he started fucking me I watched and his cock was multi colored as he fucked me and then his knot started to form and Larry shoved it into me and we were knotted. when Oso started Cumming and it took a long time for his knot to go down but I used that time to masturbate and I came very good.
    We did it once more and then I decided not to do it again I was afraid our kids might catch me doing it someday.


  • Any women or couples from Georgia do this?

  • Accidentally. Had sex with my passed out wife and got up to check the locks of the house and use the bathroom and brush my teeth. When I got back the German Shepard was on top of her going at it. It took a couple of seconds to realize what was happening. I don’t know how long he was doing her when I chased him out of the bedroom and closed the door. She had scratches on her tummy and boobs. I had to tell her the next day, but I said he just jumped on her, not that he banged her.

  • When I was younger I stroked a horse until he ejaculated, out of curiosity, does that count?

  • It counts for me. Did you like stroking the horse cock? Ever think about fucking him??

  • Yes it was really exciting, I loved it! When he ejaculated it went everywhere!! And yes, I thought about how it would feel....

  • I've been having sex with our horses for a few years now. Truth be known I would rather fuck one of our horses then my husband. So if you would like to talk about it give me a shout.
    Ruth Ann

  • Emily would you like to chat?

  • Sure, what about?

  • That's very sexy

  • Want the details on beastiality on our Great Dane respond

  • Of course I want the details!
    How did it even get brought up?
    Would be so awesome to see that. You’re a lucky dude

  • Ask her to get a dog a big dog and asked her to start jacking him off we jacked him of together. His first load as a pup was about 1” in the 3” glass we jacked him off in . His knot was about 2” in diameter as a pup . When he was two years old his cock was 10” and his knot over 3” in diameter. Asked her to fuck him and the dog must have known due to the fact he started trying to mount her . She filled my request to fuck him they fucked for a long time. She never took the knot he tried she wouldn’t let him get the knot in her . Which I really wanted her to do .

  • Also talked her into doing 3 other guys due to fact another mans cum is the best lubricant love sloppy seconds

  • Damn! I’d imagine 10” without a knot would hurt most women.
    You’re a lucky guy man!

  • My wife fucked our Great Dane

  • God I’d love to watch that!
    Just the one time?

  • Would love to have you watch

  • I’m in California. You nearby?

  • I'm in San Diego wanna meet my 7 months old 2 yrs old daughters will join you can fuck her baby pussy I want your wife all over my 4 yr old and 7 yr old sons email

  • Georgia

  • I’m in Georgia and can watch or help

  • Dam just my luck we are in Georgia you in California sucks

  • I am from Georgia what part you two in?

  • Yeah it does. Not exactly a weekend trip.
    I’d be interested in exchanging info though and maybe getting to watch over FaceTime or something.
    Just a bummer that you were willing to let me get involved.
    So how did all of this come about?
    I’d love to hear the details

  • Want more details send me your email address please

  • Honestly wanted my wife to have a boyfriend so the three of us could enjoy life to the max

  • Would of liked very much to be involved as mentioned like sloppy seconds very much

  • I’ve always wanted sloppy seconds after a dog because I hear it’s extremely warmer than our cum.
    So, I can trust you I hope?
    Let me know what address I should be looking for

  • Email me if your interested

  • All lower case


  • OK Scott you fool we are going to be keeping a keen eye on you in the future, one step out of line on this e-mail and we will be around knocking on your door you goose

  • Sent you email

  • Sent mail got this email account doesn’t exist

  • That’s weird. I’ll try and email you

  • Ok thank you

  • Yup. Let me know if it went through

  • Oh and thank you for including me in on you and your wife’s fun

  • Oh and for the record, I live in a small town in Northern California. I’m not the typical California stereotype.....
    I can’t wait to get outta here!

  • Maybe move to Georgia lol

  • Hope you got my mail let me know please

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