Who likes mature pussy

My wife will be 63 next month and is always wet and horny shes a 3 holer and wants any age of cock long as they are of legal age is this a good thing

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  • I love mature pussy. Wish I lived closer so I could fuck your wife

  • This is a good thing

  • Were in arkansas any one interested

  • Wish you where in Georgia

  • Yes sounds great wish I could talk my wife into doing it

  • Put her on her and I will have some fun how old is she?

  • My wife is 60. I started fucking her when I was 25 and she was 39. Of course it helps that at 60 years old, she still looks like she only 45. I wanted her from the day I met her. She gave me a hell of a chance telling me repeatedly that I was way too young for her. Unbeknownst to me at the time, when she decided to have sex with me the first time, it was purely to show me we wouldn't be compatible in bed. She was wrong and said I was fucking amazing in bed. That's why she decided to date me.

  • Hi fucking wifes old mom 82 cant believe how tight her pussy is I cum more for her than her 55 year old daughter

  • Yes it's fantastic and I'm willing to meet

  • Post a number and I will call you

  • Waiting??

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