Sex during pregnancy?

My mom was pregnant with her second child (I'm first), when I was already 13. It was sometimes emberassing for a boy when each aunt asks if I love it that my moms belly was growing and the there was one aunt froms dad's side who each times asked me, how I like it that moms tits are growing. I know, I always blushed (I think she wanted to see that) and then hurried into my room. One day I heard behind me how she said to another woman, that she's sure I would wank some. and yes, she was right. I did!

When Mom was in the 4th or 5th month of pregnancy, she and dad started arguing more and more and often it ende with dad running out of the door and closing it with a loud bang. I did not understand what has happened between them and no one told me.

Then one day, when dad again had gone with banging the door, my grandpa showed up. He took care of mom, who was crying. They first sat in the livingroom, then I heard them go into the bedroom. And then I wondered because it sounded a bit like when mom and dad did have sex (before the pregnancy). I did not know about but hearing that had even make me horny earlier and so it did now. I went to my room and did what I had to do. At that time, I did not think about, that they were dad and daughter and if they did, what I thought that it would be incest.

That happened nearly one time euch week and always when grandpa was gone, mom seemed much more happier that before his visit. Then there was that day, grandpa did not visit for about a week and I did not know, what happened. Mom said that grandma was angry and he could not visit this week. Dad was on one of his tours (trucker) and I was the only one for mom to talk with.

She sat in her recliner, dad had bought her for her pregnancy and I was beside her for the weekly feel of my unborn sister. I thought she was in 7th month then and I could feel the Baby moving. I loved this feel and I often became horny then. Not because of the baby, just because of touching my moms body. she looked very sexy for me with the round belly.

Mom smiled at me while I felt the Baby then suddenly got another look. she looked me in the eyes and I had the fear, I had done something wrong. The I relized what happened. I had become horny and this time, my cock had worked his way down and out of my shorts beside my leg. My mom then did something I never had thought. She openes my shorts, put them down a bit, put my hard cock in, pulled them up again and closed the zipper. alone the feeling my mom touching my cock had me nearly kicked over the edge. I wanted the earth opening and devoured me. but it did not.

My mom again took my hand, as if nothing had happened and put it again on her belly. I don't know what was happening in moms head then, but suddenly she took my hand and put it in her bikinipants. She said, she wanted to show me, where my sister would come to earth in about 3 months.

I did not really know what went on in me. what I thought about. the first thing, I remeber was that I wondered that there was no hair between moms legs. Funny, right? I know. Mom again looked me in the eyes and then she begged me to touch her. that she needed it now. OK, I did. I did not know, what to do but I touched her and I put some fingers in her. At 13 I had my fantasies about the opening women have down there. It felt wet and hot inside and my mom wan groaning and moving her bottom against my fingers.

And then she did something more. she opened my shorts again, took my very hard cock out and took it in her mouth. I don't know how long I lasted, might have been 5 seconds, surely not longer, until I shot my load. That was when my mom gave a small cry. I've heard that cry sometimes out of their bedroom when mom and dad had sex. she reared up und that must have been an orgasm. For me it looked so very hot!

after a while mom put my not more so hard cock back in my pants and took my hand from between her legs. she told me she's sorry for what happened and that she wants to be alone. I went back to my room and masturbated some more times imaging what just happened.

It was the only time she did that. It never happened again and we did never talk about.

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