Sex with her dog

Wondering if any women out there have sex with there dog and if they keep it secret or wish for a partner to be a part of it?

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  • I once sittet the dog of a friend. it was such a small chihuahua you know. No real dog just something to carry in a bag. he was cute all the time but then he suddenly stood in front of me on the settie and his dogcock was out of the sheath and stood horizontally under his belly.

    I upto today don't know why but I took him with my hand at bot of his frontpaws and lifted him. he waighted like a feather. I lifted him until I could reach hie cock with my lips and then I took him inside.

    I confess, I've once in the netherlands seen a show where a women sucked her dog. it was a large dog and i long thought about that, masturbation to it.

    The longer I sucked him, the more he fidgeted excitedly. but I held him up until he shot all in my mouth.

    Anyone out there similar experiences (or fantasies)?

  • My did our Great Dane extremely well hung dog didn’t watch she did the dog at my request

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