Women fantasize about rape?

Just wonder if very many women fantasize about being raped or have actually been raped and enjoyed it.

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  • I am a man that has raped roughly two hundred women over the past 12 years. Only a dozen or so of them ever reported the rape to police, that I know of. I honestly believe that the majority of women find it enjoyable, and a large percentage of them actually orgasm, if I allow them too. I always slap them around a little, but never hurt them badly, unless they fight back.

  • This fantasy is what got my wife into black guys. Of course we couldn’t have her be raped, but in her fantasy it’s always a black guy raping her. So to make it as real as possible we have had her have sex with black guys. She imagines she’s being raped. I tell the guys go hard and fast, go as fast and hard as you can like you’re trying to break her, don’t hold back and just finish fast. It hurts her, but that’s what she wants. I tell the guys no condom, unless they want to and to put it anywhere they want, even if she says no, do whatever you want just go as hard and fast as you can and finish however you want, then get up and leave. Be rough, slapping (no choking or punching) and rough her up, make her cry if you can. She will say no, and try to push them off when they try and go in her butt, but they push through and go hard and leave her a mess then just leave. Once they’re gone she usually lays there in pain, and exhaustion from fighting them off. I come and hold her as she either cries or just shakes and falls asleep.

  • I set my wife up to get raped or more like gang raped by black men, three, four, five? Like you I encourage them to fuck her hard, be rough with her, to do what ever they want to her. She's late thirties there're young early twenties and cum more than once, it can go on four hours.

  • My fantasy is to be raped. My husband's is to watch other guys fuck me. Normally we will plan a fantasy every 6 months or so. We have a friend of my husband's put on a ski mask and come to the house. He comes in with a ball bat or stick and tells my husband to sit in the chair "or else". Then he proceeds to grab me and rip my clothes off. He will bite and pinch my breast followed by forcefully having sex with me. The whole time my husband sits and watches. One time he swore to God that he never showed up and that it had to of been someone else who actually raped me, I'm not so sure though.

  • Any suggestions how to talk my wife into doing this

  • Damn, that’s hot!

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