Girls, whats your favourite sex position

Girls I want to know your favourite position in sex? Do you give or take? Do you ever change positions?

I like it with my gf riding me cowgirl, but she likes it doggy style, so we mix it up!

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  • I like it best when the guy isn’t hard and I can use my hand and mouth to get him hard. I especially enjoy it when it’s the first time we’re having sex with each other & I surprise him by deep throating. I always make sure I’m really hydrated, but I digress. I like doing giving blow jobs. I don’t mind if he cums in my mouth. I’ll swallow.

    I enjoy various positions, but I can be putty in your hands if you’re really good at fondling my 34DD/32 DDD breasts, sucking on my nipples (which super sensitive), and fingering me. My pussy gets wet and I’m begging for him to fuck me. I enjoy all the variations of being on my back. When I’m close to coming, I’ll open my legs more, thrusting my hips to him as he’s inside of me, eventually wrapping my legs around him, begging him not to stop. I’m probably not as good at being on top though, but I’ll do it. The guys I’ve had sex with want me to ride them, even if for a short bit. I know it’s really because of my breast size, wanting to see them bounce, and being able to touch them.

    I, too, like the doggy stye. I enjoy getting spanked, feeling him lean up to grab my breasts, and being better able to tighten up around his dick (especially if I know he is close to coming). If he’s close to coming, I like feeling his dick getting bigger, hearing his breathing change, etc. I also enjoy being bent over the side of the bed and taken from behind.

  • I love doggystyle. Riding can be a lot of fun. But probably my favorite' I don't know the name of it but love it when I have my legs pushed up by my head' ankles to ears' I guess? Just being in a this position where he can really pound me and has all the control.

  • Most ladies love doggy style, some don't. I guess its the intensity of the thing. Lots of women love being on top, they love to control the sex. I suspect they want to dominate their lovers as much as they can. I have seen women grinning from ear to ear as they make their lover cum while controlling sex.

  • Doggy for fucking and 69 for oral.

  • Can I ask why you like doggy, it seems popular with girls?

  • The angle feels great (easy to take it deep) and easy to reach down and rub my clit. I like it slow and firm.

  • Want to have some fun right now??

  • Him sitting, and I ride him, facing him so he can suck my titties.

  • Missionary

  • If I am receiving oral I love to be on my back so I can spread my legs wide. This gives me a lot of room to stretch and for some reason intensifies my orgasm. I also love to be bent over something for intercourse for some reason feeling of being pushed against also intensifies the feelings, I am not sure why I like this but I do

  • I agree being bent over something is great, I think it makes the man seem forceful, not in an illegal sense, just that he really wants you and is going to give it too you hard and you best be ready, turns me on too. I like it rough though, pushed over the arm of the sofa, head pressed in to the cushions whilst he has his filthy way with me. They love it and end up giving the best hugs after as a thank you. You can usually feel it for some time after it's so intense. Good occasionally, just not every night. xxx

  • I love licking pussy we should definitely talk

  • Hi, what's your name, and age (tell the truth, I'm not afraid of a guys age)

  • 40, Leon how about yourself and I too am not afraid of age

  • Hi Leon, I'm Chloe, I'm 22, nice to meet you, do you have any questions?

  • Hello chloe, what kind of things do you like?

  • Hi Leon, I like to mix things up to keep things fresh, sometimes I love to be pampered and caressed, and have really gentle loving sex, other times I like it rough and animalistic. I like taking charge, and doing as I am told, the more the mix the more the fun. I love dressing up when I'm with the right person, and enact a role play when there is time, but I also like it quick and dirty when I hope no one is watching lol.
    What sort of things would you like to know more about?
    Also what are you in to?

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