Openly pissing in the guys toilets at a festival made me feel hor

This summer I went to a festival, and as usual the cue for the girls toilets was huge, but there was none for the guys. Me and my friend joked that we just just go in the guys toilet area. She joked but my view was fuck it why not, it's the same portable toilets, just the other sde of the fence. I marched in to the guys section and suddenly realised that all around the edge were open urinals, and I was surrounded on all sides by guys with their cocks out pissing, craining their necks to check out the girl that just walked in. I pressed on to a toilet and opens the door, it was so gross, so I went to the next and the next, all gross.
No way I was using those, I was busting to go, and I couldn't face walking back out to rejoin the queue. So I used an open urinal. I walked up, lowered my panties downunder my skirt to my ankles, lifted my skirt and let it flow.
I was staring back at 30+ guys all hoping to see my pussy, which I was trying badly to hide. As I pissed I got strangely turned on, I was outside with no panties on, in front of all these guys, fresh air round my pussy, pissing to an audience. When I was done and partly because I was so turned on, I stood up, with my pussy on show, wiped dry with a tissue and pulled my panties back up. Looking forward once again there was so many men, starring with mouths wide open. I confidently walked out to go back to the music. I hadn't gone far when two guys who had both been in the toilet came up to me and said hi, saying they liked how confident I was. After chatting I went back to their tent and they took it in turns on me. I kept going back to their tent over the weekend and had sex 8 times, 4 each over the weekend. I went home a little sore, and feeling very slutty. I did a few very naughty things with those two friends.

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  • This is another one of those double standards, yet women want to be equal to men. Lot of women cry womens lib and demand they be paid the same, given the same jobs, given the same treatment, yet things like this are clear reasons why men and women can never truly be equal. Women can walk into the mens restroom and use it all day long without one person saying a word. If a guy were to walk into the womens restroom, they would have him arrested and thrown in jail. Double standards mean we can never be equal.

    Now that doesn't mean I think women should be treated unfairly. I think women should have equal rights, but when it comes being treated AS and equal to a man, it's impossible to do so because men and women are totally different.

    I Also think there are a lot false accusations out there too. Just like the womens soccer team that was just bitching about being paid less then the mens team. The organization just published documentation proving they paid the womens soccer team $8 Million more than the mens soccer team over the last few years, eventhough the womens revenue is half of what the mens is.

  • Did your friend use the open urinal too? Did she enjoy seeing the cocks and get fucked also? Did either of you have boyfriends?

  • I went to a concert and women were going in the mens room. but they were going in the stalls. They waited in line. I was going to the urinal and joked with a lady nearby " can I watch?" she was a little drunk. I said sure. Then she said "can I hold it for you" and I said sure, write your name. And she did. It was a long beer piss. I told to shake it off at the end and tuck him back in. She did -- which was a problem, I got and instant erection. She said she'll remember this forever, so will I.

  • I know females to the bone. this is simply a female fantasy, it's not real.


    1- women follow social rules way more than men do. no woman ever dares to break a social rule in front of one man, let alone 30 men.

    2- how the hell can 30 men be put in restroom? maybe 12 or even 15 at most, but 30?

    3- had sex several times with 2 men she just met, yeah, i believe that, cool.

  • I agree with you, this story is pure bullshit. However, I know women do come into the guys restroom. It's happened to me twice now while on vacation.

    Me and my wife were in vacation in Hawaii, and were in the International Market Place when we both had to pee. When we found the restrooms, as usual the womens line was a mile long and not one person in the guys restroom. My wife decided she didn't have to go that bad. I stepped into the restroom and proceeded to take a pee at the urinal when this woman walked in, looked at me, and asked if I cared that she used the mens restroom. I told her if it didn't bother her, then it didn't bother me. She came in, hiked up her dress, pulled her panties down, and proceeded to pee in one of the urinals. Nothing sexual happened and I never saw her pussy, she just had to pee.

    The next time it happened, me and my wife were in Washington DC down by the Washington Monument. Again the womens line was crazy and I walked over to the mens restroom. When I walked in there were a bunch of women standing around. I actually thought I walked into the women's restroom, so I looked at the door and no it was the mens restroom. Then I noticed one guys standing in between a bunch of women. He looked at me and said couple urinals open if you don't mind all the women watching you. I stepped up to an open urinal and proceeded to pee with all these women standing around waiting for the towels. Had a few that were brave enough to use the urinals but most were just waiting for the towels.

  • Women follow social rule? What all of them, you have decided 4 billion people all follow the same stereotype? Perhaps a few don't. I think you will also find festivals are renowned for breaking down social boundaries.

    There was no restroom as you put it. This was a festival, this section of toilets had maybe 30 portaloos in rows and an open square made of fencing with urinals attached. This is a pretty common festival toilet area.

    Yes I had sex with 2 guys, story would be pretty dull if I just sat in my own tent eating biscuits, and so I would not have shared it. People share interesting, supprising and shocking stories, not the mundane.

    Thanks for your comments

  • Hot want to talk more send me mail at drangonriderwill @

  • Happy to answer questions, but don't see point of email.

  • Wow, at concerts I've used the male restroom too at times when the lines to the women's room were insanely long, and yeah, it is an experience for sure. But getting fucked?!? That's crazy.

  • Lol I didn't get fucked in the toilets ha ha. Also guessing you had cubicles, not open pissing in front of an audience. It just made me horny that I had been so naughty

  • Would you piss all over a guy if he wanted you to? To stand over him, see the warm golden stream flow down to his face?

  • I think I might but not on his face, that seems a bit too far? Is being pissed on a turn on for some men?

  • Yes it is. Standing over top of us, seeing the warm piss flow out and feeling is splash on our faces.

  • I would have to be feeling in a dirty mood and be somewhere it would wash away lol. I often pee in the shower and I find it a turn on, not sure why, so I guess having someone there with me would not be a big step

  • Usually it's the drunk women who wander into the men's. And, in my experience, we know that and leave them alone, other than looking. I had one sidle up to me at a urinal, turn her ass to it, lift her dress, drop her panties, and cut loose her pent up yellow spray behind her. She was unsteady on her feet and fell against me. I steadied her with one shoulder, and looked down at her bush. " Whattaya lookin' at ? " she snarled. "I'm lookin' at exactly what you're showin' me ! " I told her to a round of applause.

  • Love it... please share more details of the naughty things you did in the tent.

  • I was so turned on by my exhibitionist pissing that when I was approached by two horny guys I would have let them do anything to me, and I promise I am not normally like that. I tend to have steady relationships and a pretty vanilla sex life.
    In the tent, clearly they hadn't thought it through and were not comfortable getting naked with one another let alone getting involved in sex together, so I kicked things off. Basically I took my top off and they were like moths to the flame forgetting their anxieties. I have to admit it was hard to keep both engaged, they both wanted me for themselves and neither was backing down for the other and expecting me to choose, so I was trying to show equal attention so one didn't feel like he'd lost out to his friend and leave.
    I was fully naked before either of them took a single item off, so I had to take charge. Once naked I could tell they were both struggling with the idea of being naked with their friend and have an erection, trying to work out if this made them bisexual lol. The only solution was different ends, I started to suck one guy off and on all fours presented my ass and pussy to the other, and he wasted no time getting in me. I think its known as a spit roast. On my knees being fucked by two strangers, one each end I felt dirty, a filthy sex animal and I loved it. After both had cum in me they relaxed and we hung out in the tent naked.
    Over the weekend I was rarely dressed and I had sex with one of them whenever we had the energy, but even when there was not a cock in me there was lots of touching and kissing and licking. After the first time they took it in turns on me, usually with the other watching.
    The whole thing felt like an orgy of sex and alcohol, we were almost always touching one another even to the point that we cleaned each other with baby wipes (festival shower).

    Any questions let me know?

  • So hot, thank you so much for sharing.

  • Toilet whore but I like it

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