Is it ok for house guests to have sex and leave dirty sheets?

I had a friend and his girlfriend stay recently, and when they left and I changed the sheets there was lots of cum stains, and crunchy patches, kinda gross, but I was also intregued, this was the scene of some pretty hot sex it seemed.
So is it ok? Does an invite to stay the night cover the right to release your juices all over the hosts sheets?

I want opinions, and if you have left sex stains behind?

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  • Yes we have left sex stains behind. I think it was not the right thing to do but what can I say, we were horny and screwed like wild animals. I'm sure we will have them over and they can leave sex stains on our sheets, besides, it sounds exciting.

  • We always bring our own towel to away games. I put it under my plump ass. Now if i could only keep it down a little. Hubby fell asleep after, i went for water and our host fucked me. I was still so horney I just let him have me. He was all worked up hearing loud me fucking away. My analyst says to keep that our secret, he's married too. Have a feeling his wife knew and approved, maybe set me up. I'll bring a robe along too.

  • One night me and my ex got so drunk, we went back to his parents and stayed in the guest room. We fucked so hard, I was super wet, alot more than usual. My ex woke me early in a panic, he pulled back the duvet and there was blood everywhere. I'd come on my period, it looked like a murder scene, all on beautiful white bedding. We panicked, grabbed the sheet and stuffed it in my handbag, then flipped the mattress over because it had gone through. We found another sheet and stuck it on, showered and went home. 2 years later her own daughter had the blame because she stayed there with her husband for a few days, and unfortunately a week after they left, they found the massive stain while they moved the room around. There was a huge row but me and the ex stayed quiet. Poor cow. Haha

  • Nice!

  • It's practically wrong NOT to.

  • One night? No. That’s just rude of them.

  • Yeah tf

  • I had a young lesbian couple stay once and when they left the sheets were stained and smelled of sweet perfume. I smelled the stains and they smelled like pussy, I ended up adding my juice before putting them in the washer

  • How old

  • 22 and 19 why?

  • The only time I’ve had the opportunity, out hostesses made it clear they knew we (me, my boyfriend and his friend) were going to fuck, and that it was just fine.

  • We have frequent guest and most of the time they fuck. I always tel them that I will take care of the sheets. I have seen some pretty big stains. It fine and dosent bug me.

  • Not much you can do about it. We have guests stay over sometimes and of course there is fucking going on. Just do the laundry and be a good host. It's not a big deal.

  • Alk the friends houses I stay at I fu k my wife and love to leave our juices, as I make her squirt especially her parents I want her mum to know how well I fuck her daughter, hopefully one day her

  • When we visit the in-laws his mother seems really uptight but I always strip the bed and mostly put them right in the washer. One time though the washer was full and I still stripped the bed but put them In the laundry room.

  • Yeah me and my hubby went to my 'stuck up' mother in laws for a week, and we had sex every night, the sheets stank of pure sex, it was stained like fuck. Hubby told me to strip the bed while he loaded up our car, but I didn't. I left it all there on show, with the duvet pulled back. It turned me on knowing she could see our mess, and that I fuck her son.

  • It is a bit embarrassing but beds aren't just for sleeping. If i stay at someones house i aways strip the bed just incase. So the answer is, yes it is ok.

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