Awkwardness Between My Husband And My Ex

I am writing mostly out of frustration, but will take any advice anyone has to offer.

I have been married for 2 years. We dated for 3 years prior to that. The way we met is through my ex (his best friend). While dating my ex, I met the man that is now my husband. My husband is (was) my ex’s best friend and we would all hang out. Things with my ex ended well, we both decided it was just not “right” for either of us and we parted friends. Shortly after we ended things, I started dating the man that is now my husband. All was fine during the time we dated and up until now in our marriage.

Recently, I found out that my husband has seen a few “videos” my ex and I made while we were together. When we made the videos (years ago), I sort of thought it was a mistake. Now I really regret it! There were only a couple and I truly believe my ex has deleted them a long time ago. I am not worried about them being posted anywhere. What I found out recently was that while I was dating my ex, and we were making the videos, he would show them to his best friend at the time (the man that is now my husband).

My husband recently told me about this happening years ago and now he’s acting “weird” about it with me and when both of us are around my ex (someone who is still his friend). The videos were pretty “explicit” – showing us having sex (including oral and anal).

I am so frustrated at these two guys! They are both grown men, acting like teenage boys!



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  • This sounds like the perfect situation for you to get to watch some hot man on man action! I would get them to 69 in front of me!

  • My wife and I and a total of 8, 5 guys and 3 girls, shared a beach house 20 years ago. We were all lifeguards -- fit, young and horny. I watched my wife have sex with my roommate 20 times. I made believe I was sleeping. I was so impressed with her athletic moves. When they broke up I moved right in.
    She says I'm crazy for liking that experience. But I loved watching her go at it, and would never hold it against her.

  • I guess you are going to have to live with it. Making videos with your husband may do the trick. It could be that he feels left out or may be he is jealous of you and your ex. Talk to him and let him know you want him included in your crazy sex life, videos and all.

  • Your husband should be mature enough to know that before you were together that you used to get railed regularly by your former guy (the "ex"). That's normal human behavior. He needs to live in the present.

  • Have a threesome. It’s not like it is anything new to the guys. Let them take it out on you.

  • No Thank You! - Angella

  • Is your husbands name Jon?

  • Have a threesome

  • Only way to solve this problem is to make new videos with your current husband.

  • Yes, he has suggested that. In particular, he wants to make a "butt sex" video with me. I may let him if it will get him off this topic - Angella.

  • There is your chance! Get your ex to fuck his ass just like he fucked yours! Hubby is practically begging for it lol

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