Straight male anal play

I’m a 22 year old straight male. Married to an amazing sexy girl. I’ve never had any gay tendencies. Not interested in men at all. That being said I love anal play. I’ve had my wife lick and finger my butt hole before probably 2 or 3 times during sex/oral but I’m always embarrassed to ask and even more embarrassed after. I want her to do it like all the time and I constantly fantasize of her fucking me in the ass with a strap on while she gives me a hand job or plays with my dick. Again I’m not at all attracted to men but I wondering if this is a sign of being bi or anything like that. I also want to know how to express my fantasies to my wife. Usually when we try new stuff in bed it just comes up in the moment and we just go with it and it’s fun in the moment. This is obviously more extreme and requires more prep so I don’t know how to bring this into the bed room

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  • Whatever you do with the opposite sex, even ass play and penetration is hetero sex, not gay or bi. The stuffed-shirt prudes can say or think what they want, they're wrong !

  • Have fun with that beautiful button of happiness. I think you’re ready for a strap on;) I love pegging my bfs ass, he makes the cutest noises when he’s milked! Go for it!!!

  • Yes, you need and want a cock in you. Lots of married men do

  • Don't be so rude, he needs to be pegged by his wife not buggered by a poof

  • Enjoying the pleasure of having your ass stimulated does not make you gay.

  • Yes it does

  • Said the fool missing out on his prostate gland.

  • Just have to talk to your wife I am certain she will get right into your fantasy, being pegged by your wife is just so great particularly when you are on all fours in the doggie position this gives my wife a real sense of dominance and she loves it, don't forget to expand your bum hole with dildo's and butt plugs plus a lot of lube, it will help if she fingers you before and after you have normal sex so you can take the strapon without pain, don't go too large to start off

  • Same

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