Gay Sex with my Boss

I was 19 when I started with my company. I had knocked up my high school sweetheart and gotten married strait out of high school. My boss was in his late 30s and had gotten a divorce, because his wife caught him giving his best friend head! I started out as a helper in the maintenance department and met him one day by chance in the elevator. He asked me 50 questions and I thought that to be a little odd. He also said he hoped to see me again soon. A week later I was told by my boss at the time that the big boss wanted to interview me for another position, and I was to go to his office the next morning. When I got there he said that he was really impressed with me and he would like to offer me a position as his assistant. He explained that I would be setting up meetings for him scheduling travel and that I may need to travel with him at times. I expressed the fact that I had no experience doing any of these things, and he just said everyone has to start somewhere and that he would help me through it. The fact that the job started out making more than I would make for years, if ever let me know that he had wanted more from me than he was letting on! For the first year he never came right out and hit on me, but he made quite a few remarks and was always doing nice things for me. Kinda like you would do for a girl! It was on the first business trip we made together that things changed. I had already accepted the fact that if he ever did ask me to blow him or something I would do it if it would allow me to keep making this kinda money. The only other experience I’d ever had with another guy was with a neighbor kid when we were going through puberty. We had jerked and sucked each other off a few times one summer before we got into girls.
On this trip he had booked only one room with two beds which I thought was kinda fishy. After his meetings the first day he took me out to eat, and then we had a few drinks. After we were both feeling no pain he said, Tommy do know what made me want to hire you the first day we met? I knew where this was going, but said no what was it? He said, I know you have heard around the office why I got a divorce, and you are a smart young man so you probably have a pretty good idea right? I said, I did hear about your friend, and yes I knew that you didn’t give me this opportunity without a reason. He said that when he saw me that first day I was the most beautiful man he had ever seen, and that he could see by the bulge in my pants that I must have a nice sized cock. I got really nervous and I told him that, that was very nice, but you know I am married. He said he was not looking to change my marital status, but that if I would be willing to give a little, he would see to it that my career would continue to advance and take care of me. I knew right then that I would do whatever it took to make him happy! So it started with the occasional blowjob which kept him happy for a while, but he would mention every time we were together that he would love to fuck me, or have me fuck him. He bribed me with a new Jeep to take it up the ass the first time! It hurt like hell, but I grew to accept it, and in time began to actually like it! I have no problem fucking him, he has a hot tight asshole that I can fuck as hard as I want and he loves it! He has never had another man or woman since and it has been over 20 years. As he has gotten older, the sex is less frequent, but I still do anything he says when he says it! I live a very comfortable life, and am still happily married to my wife. If she ever even suspected she would kill me! I have fucked us into a small fortune though!

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