Dad makes me horny

My dad always wears boxers in front of me, he calls me names like bitch or cunt and it makes me wet

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  • Just rip your dad's shorts off, grab that cock and suck it till it gets hard, then spread them legs wide. Not that hard to get a man to fuck your tight young pussy, if that's what you want. Very little chance he will say no, and if he does, laugh and say you were just joking.

  • Full update wanted from the girl that wrote this please

  • What do you want to know?

  • I want to know if you have fucked him yet? If so I want full details

  • Everything x

  • Why you didn't come downstairs last night??

  • Dad has a filthy mouth, a disgusting attitude, and a low IQ.

    You do not want to come out like dad. And in translation?

    Work hard. Get a good education. Be everything dad isn't.

    You get to go around one time. That's it. Don't screw it up.

  • Are you wanting your dad to do anything to you?

  • Yea

  • How old

  • 17....

  • Let him walk in on you fingering

  • Okay

  • Did it last night....

  • Sounds like he is grooming you to be daddy's little slut. How lucky you are. Whenever he finally fucks you, get it on video so you can blackmail and litterally own him for the rest of his life.

  • How do i approach it tho

  • Assuming that you really want your daddy's cock, and keeping in mind that most men are not wired to turn down pussy, it is very easy for you to shag your dad. Next time he walks in front of you with his under shorts on, just reach out and grab a handfull of cock and balls, look him square in the eyes, and tell him you want him to fuck you like a nasty little whore.

  • And use birth control.

  • I think I know you and Im the one you are talking about? Shall I describe you then if I'm right I will fuck you!!! XXX

  • What?

  • Yes

  • You have browneyes, brown hair, and some piercings.
    B-cups let me know and I we will fuck all the time xx

  • Omg wait? ur my ? dad?

  • I'm about to fuck your mother, once I have come downstairs in a thong and bra! And then Im really going to fuck you' you little bitch I want your cunt I'm going to eat and fuck, I know it's you now coz the way you have been acting, love you, see you in a bit X

  • You can come downstairs now! I'm looking forward to this xx

  • Did you just go out for a cigarette?

  • I'm online now and have been staring at you your so fit xx

  • Sorry honey, your dad is an ass hole and is abusing you. If he hasn't already, he will sexually abuse you. If you want any chance for a more normal life, get out. If he does anything to you, call the police.

  • You should probably seek therapy.

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