Horny Husband

I been married for over 15 years. my wife been having alot of health issues for the last 10 years that Has stopped our sex life. She would say in a real dry voice. I can suck your dick, which most men will take, but I'm A giver. I get pleasure off making my wife cum. I never physically cheated but from time to time I would go on sites like phoneshag and flirt. That would hold me over. I met this one female on shag who I would chat offline with time to time. We lost touch for about 5 years. Her email was n my contact still. I logged into this one social media site and her pic came up so I sent her A message. We been chatting everyday for the last 2 years. About A month ago we got A chance to finally meet. She was more beautiful in person. I ate, ate, ate, her pussy the entire time bringing her to multiple orgasms. I cant get her out of my mind. I want to tell my wife I need to see her once a week. my wife says I have A pass to go out And have sex but I don't believe she will be ok about it. She is a jealous wife. My wife is a great wife we just don’t have sex anymore. I don’t know what to do anymore

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  • I’m 55 and my wife is 46 and still in shape with a nice thick round ass which gets her in flirty situations with guys at her job or whatever she goes out. I can no longer keep it as rigid as I once used to. I’ve given her my total approval to get her pleasure from other guys as long as I’m in the loop. We have tried everything and I’ve decided no meds for me ever.
    She worked with a very young intern over this past summer and she would suck me telling me the things she would do to him and that was about the only way I could get it up and blow my wad. One day she tells me she’s going out and she meets with Timothy at a happy hour. They go to her car where she blows him and throughout the summer they eventually have sex at a hotel. This has made my sex life the best ever. She has someone young who can handle her and we’re both happy

  • You are lucky , the wife says its ok to go out and have sex . well ok you have seen her and will probably see her again . I'm guessing the wife is being realistic and letting you see this woman you know. Like most women she is being very practical, she gives you permission to have sex knowing you will. She is in control , not you.

  • Continue to eat her pussy, do not tell your wife, and if she finds out, you did have a free pass.

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