Women with hairy asshole

I think women that don’t groom down by their asshole is gross. I once went out with a girl that was had more hair than me. I love to lick a nice clean shave asshole.

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  • Hairy pussy and asshole are the best! A woman’s intimate smells stay with her when she’s hairy, mmm. Sucking a wet, stinky pussy and a sexy woman is fuckin heaven!

  • Noting wrong with some bush. My wife is 48 and from a fashion perspective never left the 1980s: still has big, blonde feathered hair up top and a big blonde bush down below, including near her asshole. She still looks great and I love licking and fucking her as much now as I did when we met 23 years ago.

  • Like you my wife who is 51 is still in the 80s Farrah Fawcett bleached blonde hair 36 dd cup boobs. She still power dresses for work almost straight out of Dynasty.
    When she gets home and undresses. I get to see through her lace and satin lingerie her beautiful full dark bush. Which when she bends over you can see runs from the just bellow her belly to her asshole.
    I wouldn't have it any other way. We still fuck like we did when we were first married 31 years ago if anything we fuck more and are definitely more adventurous.

  • All of you that like a clean shaven pussy and asshole are crazy!!! A big bush makes her look like a real woman not a pre pubescent little girl. The sight of a hairy pussy and ass is fantastic. Eating a hairy asshole from behind is heaven . You are all fucked up!

  • I've always loved prim and proper women, topside, who are wild and wooly down below. Perfect makeup, every hair on their heads in place, teeth sparkling, lipstick alluring, but when those panties drop, looks like they're hiding kittens or poodle puppies ! I once fingered one's bunghole that was so hairy I thought it was part of her cunt. Oh, and none were "nasty" as you hairless dweebs and psuedo-pedophiles assert !

  • Can't stand pubes at all my wife has to be perfectly clean

  • The pussy is for licking and fucking, the butt hole is for pooping and fucking if she's really drunk.. Keep your tongue outa the bung!

  • If you want to enter the dark passage, you have to open and tease it with your tongue first. It is only polite.

  • I shave my wife just to ensure she is perfectly clear of any hair on her pussy or arse, I just can't stand pubes all over the place, she is so clean I can tongue her anytime

  • I love it when it's winter time and my wife stops shaving. Like she doesn't shave anything. Not her bush. Not her pits. It's sexy af to see her get naked and see that hair. I convinced her to keep it for the summer this year. She asked about her wearing tank tops or sleeveless shirts. I told her to go ahead and wear them. Seeing her in a bikini and hairy pits was so hot!

  • My old lady keeps her front and back yard well manicured. Just a little patch of hair above the pussy, but no hair on the lips or ass hole. I hate pubes or butt hairs in my mouth, makes me gag.

  • My wife is very clean but one day she was complaining about how difficult it is to shave back there and for that matter around her vagina. I told her no problem I would be really happy to help you with it. I love to shave her smooth and most of the time I end up rinsing her off and licking her to orgasm so win win I say.

  • I shave my MILs pussy and ass smooth then eat her out. She cums then I lay down and she places her ass on my face and I tongue her hole as I jack off.

  • Do you do the same for your wife?

  • Yes I shave my asshole

  • Working on it

  • I love eating ass

  • Nothing worse than a woman dingle berry.

  • I like it all. Sometimes I get on a kick where I just like a fat, messy woman with a hairy asshole. I guess it’s a bit of a fetish. I have a fat Mexican fuck buddy whose massive ass is never fully clean. I come give her my “jalapeño” whenever she asks. It’s embarrassing and I’m a little ashamed every time I leave her place. Call it a guilty pleasure. Her ass feels better than any of the pussy I fuck.

  • Haha, your “jalapeño!” Love it. I get the shame part though. How fat is she? And that dirty ass of hers, just how bad is it? Details, please.

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