The Cuck's Fuck ( part two )

As Chirp and I continued serving dinner, a tense hush fell over the room. I could see QB's eyes following Chirps every move with disapproval. When Chirp began cutting her Master's steak for him, and feeding him, she rolled her eyes. Chirp and I were allowed to eat when they had finished, and, of course, we had to clean up.

At some point we went to the dungeon. Tom's big thing was wax play. He'd craft lengthy scenes in which he dripped hot wax onto naked bodies. He was quite artistic about it, making elaborate breastplates out of multicolored wax. Many thought his long scenes were boring, and would wander off after his bottoms tits were covered. I thought them to be reverent and would stay, and remain quiet and respectful, and help if asked. He particularly loved dripping wax onto QB's 38 DD tits. That was the plan, and QB was tied face up on a long leather bench. Chirp and I kneeled reverently, naked.

Tom dripped various waxes, at various temperatures onto her tits. She remained stone-faced, not making a sound. I could tell he was getting mad, his jaw muscle clenching. He removed his clothing, his cock still flaccid. He dripped more wax, including onto QB's hairless pussy. She squirmed but still no noise. He ordered Chirp to fellate him, but, he failed to get erect. Then, he shoved it into my mouth, and I sucked gamely, but, he remained limp. I got amazingly hard, and he ordered Chirp to fellate me. She fell to her task, and was good, if not exactly passionate about it. He tried to shove his withered member into QB's tightly clenched mouth and she screamed, " NO ! STOP,STOP IT ! UNTIE ME ,NOW ! " He reddened and stood up, and quickly flung an entire pot of black wax ( reserved for me, supposedly ) on her neck and chin. She cursed him vehemently, and he untied her, angrily. " I hereby terminate this scene ! " he announced so dramatically that I almost laughed. QB got to her feet, shakily, and I helped her remove the wax. I gingerly touched her pussy, and she pulled away . She stomped upstairs to get a shower. Tom dressed and began putting away his wax station while Chirp and I scampered around picking up discarded wax. My semi-hard drooled pre-cum, and I caught Chirp peeking. Tom headed upstairs ordering Chirp to follow.

QB was drying off, and she refused my advances. She was in a snit and I knew only time would bring her out of it, and it would be no sex for me until then. I wondered if I should risk going to Tom's room. Perhaps he'd let Chirp relieve me, while I sucked him. I decided not to.

I awoke to shouts and the sound of something breaking. QB was gone from our bed, so, I walked out into the great room, still nude. Chirp was coming out of their room, pulling on a robe. QB and Tom were in the loft, where the computers were, going at it, trading accusations, angry words, and hurtful insults. " What broke ? " I asked, a little testy by now. " Your favorite coffee mug ! " QB mewled, " A picture I made her ! " Tom asserted. He was furious about something. Chirp clutched her robe, looking fearful. " I don't know what's going on, but, no more breaking shit ! Work out whatever your problem is, like adults, for fuck's sake ! " I snarled. They both looked at me warily, then Tom said in a strained voice, " Could you two get lost for a little bit ? Like, go for a ride or something ? We need some privacy ! " I was angry enough by this point that I wanted to tell him to leave, but, refrained. I looked at Chirp and she was looking at my dick. " Let me put on some clothes and we will, but, I mean it, no more breaking anything, including each other ! " I said, and he nodded, red-faced. " Be right back, " I told Chirp, and left to put on some shorts and a tee shirt. She did the same, bra-less under her tank top, her spikey nipples on show. We left in my truck.

" Any idea what's going on ? " I asked as we pulled onto the highway. " I really don't know ! l just know Master is, like, pissed. He was accusing her
of fucking somebody...mule boy ? Some, like...redneck guy with a big, like, cock. Somebody he hates, like, a lot ! " Oh, okay, I had a better idea now. QB and I had played with another self-professed top who was local, unlike Tom.
Somehow QB had told Tom, or, he found out some damn way. Well, ain't that some shit ? " Did you, like, ever get off ? Your cock was all hard and dripping and shit ! " Chirp said. I shook my head no. " Do you want to ? " she asked, smiling. " I can blow you, like, again, if you want ". I found a secluded spot at the end of a dirt road. I took off my shorts, and made her strip completely. She sucked me until right before I came, this time with more passion. I fucked her hairless cunt in the bed of my truck, pulling out and spraying her belly and teacup tits, ordering her to eat it up. My cum in her mouth, oh, Tom would just love that !

Returning to the house thirty minutes later, we found Tom out on the porch, all his and Chirp's shit packed. He was still so mad he couldn't talk without shouting. I tried to reason with him, but, it was no use. He was mad with me too. I peeped in on QB who was up in the loft furiously typing, but, unharmed. I helped them load his van, and tried to shake his hand. He refused and got behind the wheel. I hugged and kissed her, and she thanked me for our hospitality. It would be a long time before I ever saw either of them again.

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