Watching two guys having sex

I have to confess, I've always wanted to watch two guys having sex. I would even pay to see this. Also, I've always wanted to have sex with another man and have it filmed so I can watch it later over and over again whenever I get horny. I would pay for this too. Now I'm going to watch some tranny porn.

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  • Tranny porns the best:)

  • I'm a man but I heard a lot of women like to watch two guys having sex. I guess it's like men likening to watch two women having sex..i can see how you would be turned on watching yourself getting fucked. I'll do it for free. Lol

  • Once I was having sex with a really horny woman. She reached under the mattress and pulled out a nine inch dildo and started sucking on it. I watched as she slobbered and swallowed it all the way down her throat to the balls. Suddenly she passed it to me. I took it and started sucking on it too. I swallowed as much of it as she did. I slid it all the way down my throat. When she saw this she started shaking and came right in front of me. I never made a woman cum without touching her before. I think secretly she wanted to see two men sucking each other's dicks.

  • Have you sucked dick? If you can swallow 9 inches, don't let that skill go to waste.

  • Yes I have sucked a lot of dick and ate a lot of pussy too. And I love doing both.

  • Thank you and I would let you do it too.

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