Lost my virginity to a fat girl’s messy ass

I recently turned 20 and as of my birthday was still a virgin. Call me a late bloomer I guess. Anyway I have a friend, she’s actually a friend of my older sister, who made me promise her something years ago.

About 3 or so ears ago when I was still 17 and she was 21 i confided in her that I was still a virgin. She confided in me that she had always wanted to take a man’s virginity using her ass. I was not attracted to this girl because she is a huge fatty, and at the time was about 400 pounds. She’s even fatter now, over 450 at least. Anyway despite not being attracted to her I joked that if I was still a virgin by my 20th birthday I’d give myself to her big fat ass. She laughed and then shifted into a serious tone and said she’d really like that and hopes I was serious. I wasn’t but she pressed and I agreed that I’d do it. My sister was there and she said “oh I am SO going to hold you to that!”

In the ensuing years my bitch of a sister even ran off a couple girls who may have saved me from my fate in Heather’s nasty ass. I hated her for it, but she is so much smarter and more manipulative and I didn’t know what to do.

About a month before my birthday I had just come off a streak of unsuccessful attempts to lose my virginity and more or less gave up. The morning after my birthday my phone rang before 8 and it was heather calling to collect what was hers. My sister drove me over to Heather’s apartment, gloating the whole way and telling me she’d make my life a living hell if she finds out I don’t go through with it.

So I knock on Heathers door and she opens up and attacks me like I’m a box of donuts. She pulled me inside and dragged me to her bedroom, pushed me onto the bed and told me to undress. She was in nothing but her panties and a bra. I stripped down very nervously. Despite not really wanting to go through with this the excitement of sticking my dick in a girl, even a fat girls butt, got me hard.

Heather also stripped naked and got some lotion and lubed me up. She handed me the lotion and told me to lotion up her butthole. She then pushed her massive ass in the air and spread her cheeks. The smell of her poop greeted me and her anus had little flecks of toilet paper around it. I wanted so badly for my first time to be with a hot girl’s pussy, not this fatty’s smelly poop chute. I paused long enough that Heather said “you made a promise.”

So I put the lotion on her and then set the lotion bottle down. Then I asked if she was ready and when she said yes and to ease it in gently I put the tip of my cock on her butthole. With all the lotion it actually slipped in easily, and I continued to push it in. Heather moaned a little and then she said “hold on!” And then she farted on me with my cock about halfway up her ass. I laughed and admitted to her it actually felt good and she said “good because...” and she farted again. I pushed deeper into her until I was as deep as I could get. I actually enjoyed it once I was in her. She said to make slow strokes using my hip and sort of coached me how to do it. I did and it seemed like every time I pulled back a little she farted on me again. It felt really good.

She kept telling me “come on baby” and told me to “make my fat ass jiggle” and stuff like that. I liked what she said and actually enjoyed watching her fat butt jiggle as I thrust. Then the excitement and sensation built up and I asked her if I was allowed to cum yet. She said I could and I blew my virginity deep into her rectum.

She told me not to move and said, “I want to poop on you.” Then she said to pulled out slowly and to lay down behind her. I did. My cock was white when it went in but it was brown and covered in fat girl poop when it came out. I lay back and heather pushed herself into and upright squatting position over me. She spread her massive ass cheeks and I saw her messy anus spread and she pushed out her poop onto my penis. She grunted, pushed and then breathed a deep sigh of relief before rolling off the bed and leaving me to go wipe up. My poor cock was literally covered by a mound of her shit!

When she came back she said to me to go clean up and not to get any poop anywhere. I wiped as much as I could off me and flushed it down the toilet. Heather told me I could shower but I had to wash her. We showered together and she hugged me and told me “thank you for giving me your virginity.” I told her I enjoyed it and it felt good to not be a virgin anymore.

As we were drying off I asked her if there was a chance maybe I could ever experience regular sex with her. She said no because not that she had pooped on me I would never be anything to her but a butt sex toy, but that I was welcome to come by anytime.

It’s been 2 months since my birthday. I still have never had sex in a girl’s pussy and I desperately want to experience that. I prefer her to not be a fat girl too. But I’ve been to Heather’s many times and have really come to appreciate how good anal sex with a fat girl feels. She seems to enjoy it messy and dirty, she poops on me just about every time. She tells my sister about it and has taken pictures and sent them to her. That’s embarrassing enough that my sister sees pictures of my cock it’s even more embarrassing when it’s covered in fat girl poop. My sister teases me relentlessly about being Heather’s human toilet and that I’ll never get regular sex with a hot girl. I hate her for it, but whenever heather tells me to come over I always do. My sister often gives me a ride. She’s even stayed and waited until we finish.

I know she’s going to run interference if I meet a girl and have the slightest chance of getting with her. She seems to love knowing her fat friend gets to feed me to her fat ass on command.

At least I’m not a virgin anymore.


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  • OP if you’re still around I’d love to hear an update! I recently destroyed a fat chick’s butt with a 10” dildo. I’ve railed other girls with strap-ons before (I’m a girl) but nothing was quite as fun as watching this fat ass land whale take the biggest dildo in my drawer completely up her ass! I couldn’t stop laughing at the sounds she made as I rammed it in. I made her reach behind and hold it in herself with one hand and moved to the front and made her eat my pussy. I told her the dildo isn’t coming out until she gives me 3 O’s. That fat bitch must have had her ass stretched out for almost 2 hours by the time I let her remove it. I let her keep it when we finished. She was messy like your chick and I wasn’t sticking that thing in my pussy after seeing it covered in that fat bitch’s shit!

  • Yes I’m still around. Wow what you’re doing sounds awesome. I wish I could dominate my partner like that. I’m sort of the opposite though I just get completely dominated.

    I do have some updates but I think I’ll just write a new post for them. It’s going well though and the short version is I’ve moved in with Heather. I’m still her toilet but I’m also her boyfriend now so I’m moving up in the world!

  • If a girl saves her virginity by taking it up the ass instead, how is the guy still losing his?

  • Nothing wrong with big girls. My current girlfriend is a nice chubby 270 lbs. and she is 5'4" and I love giving her my 7.5 inch cock. Oh yeah she is wonderful. She does it all. Sucks on my cock for a long time. Gives me the pussy and anal also. She has some nice big huge floppy tits. Big fat ass also. She has tiny ankles compared to the rest of her and tiny feet which I suck on her toes. But all the sex it wonderful. You are missing the boat on some possibly best sex of your life. Live a little and go for broke. You won't be disappointed.

  • Thanks I appreciate the encouragement. Heather actually told me she weighs 465, and she’s 5’6. She has kankles, huge thighs, ass, hips, stomach, boobs, etc. I legitimately think she has a pretty face, I have to definitely give her credit for that. Also, I’ve known her since I was about 6 and she and my sister were both 10. I don’t even know how the two of them are friends my sister is like 5’2 and 115 pounds or so. Heather is a good person and she has a job and her own place, but my sister still lives with our mom. My sister once got beat up by some mean girls in HS when she tried to stick up for heather when they were making fun of her weight, so she has some redeeming qualities.

    I’m 5’7 and 150 or so pounds so I’m not a big guy and I always get physically dominated by Heather when we’re together. I have gone over to her place voluntarily a few times because I do think the anal sex with her feels good. But I am always ashamed and I feel like I shouldn’t be begging her for her pussy yet I am. She seems to like it, me begging, but always tells me no and that my place is in her butt. I don’t think this is a relationship so much as a FWB type thing where she also gets to pursue her little poop fetish at my expense too.

    Oh and I WISH I had a penis as big as yours! I’m barely 5” I’ve never received a blowjob or been in a girl’s pussy. I’ve been in Heather’s ass several times now and I definitely like it, and I’ve been pooped on by her several times as well. But no head and no pussy.

    When you say live a little and go for broke what do you mean? Like keep trying to get in Heather’s pussy or try finding a girlfriend somewhere else? Oh, and my sister said she is going to tell any girl I bring home that I like getting pooped on by fat girls. I’m not sure if she’s serious or just being a bitch, but if she does I imagine that’ll ruin my chances with any potential girlfriends I may have been able to meet.

  • I’m a girl and I hope your sister shows those pictures of your tiny cock covered in Heather’s poop to every girl you ever bring home. You deserve nothing more than to be her toilet for the rest of your life. Marry her and stay loyal because a dick that’s been shit on, especially byba fat girl, does not belong in a hot girl’s pussy.

  • You sound like you’d get along with my sister, other than she’s not mean to fat girls. I don’t know what “especially by a fat girl” is supposed to mean but if you’re saying fat girl poop is somehow any worse than hot girl poop just because it comes from a fat girl youre insane. It’s all poop. And it’s not as bad as it sounds either I’ve actually gotten used to it and actually am beginning to enjoy experiencing it with her.

  • You sound jealous.

    OP, don’t worry. Just try to enjoy what you have with this person. If you’re enjoying the anal sex then try to enjoy the price tag too. And be patient that situation with your sister will resolve itself somehow.

  • Thanks. My sister is a mixed bag. Sometimes I think she’s a legitimately good person and even though she can be a huge bitch to me sometimes there are also times she is nice too.

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