Little sister watches me jerk it

My sister and I live together to share expenses and such. We’re both in our early 20s now. When we were teens she once caught me masturbating to porn. She said she wouldn’t mention it only if I allowed her to watch.

It surprised me how much more fulfilling it was masturbating in front of her rather than using porn. It reached a point where if I was about to tug one out I’d let her know so she could see if she wanted. Granted my sister didn’t look anything like the hot chicks in the porn clips I’d watch. She’s chubby and needy, dorky, a bit of a misfit. Still it was better with her watching. She once asked what it tasted like and I said I didn’t know cause I never tasted it but she could have it if she wanted to try it. So she licked it off of me and swished it around in her mouth then swallowed me. I asked what she thought and she said she enjoyed it.

So now we’re both adults but life is fucking expensive so we agreed to move in together. Bit of a buzzkill because my fat misfit of a sister has been the reason a few pretty nice girls haven’t been back. She hasn’t chased anyone off but they’re a bit offput by me living w my sister. I guess I can understand and I’d like to get my own place but neither of us can really afford to at this time.

So in the meantime when I’m not seeing anyone or having bad luck with women I still masturbate for my sister’s enjoyment. She still licks my cum off of me when I finish and it’s a little embarrassing to admit I’ve probably put more cum in her fat stomach in the past month than any other girls’ pussies in the last year. But it’s still so erotic and taboo and we both really like it.

I haven’t watched her do anything with her body though she’s not modest in front of me at all. She walks through our apartment naked, uses the bathroom in front of me, showed me a tattoo she got high on her inner thigh, and basically showed off her fat pussy in doing so.

I’d like to get back to a normal dating life but until I do I sort of like beating it for her entertainment and letting her eat my cum off of me.


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  • I heard our daughter (9 going on 10) tell her friend on the phone that she had watched us having sex. we dont have doors only curtains. I told my husband about it and he at once got hard. since then I often let him jerk off before we start having sex. Just if we have audience again. I hope, she enjoys.

  • I finally did it! I fucked her up her ass! It felt so good! And she was wild. I didn’t expect her to do what she did. So here’s what happened.

    We were sitting on the sofa watching tv. She was naked, which is pretty normal for her. She got up to get a drink, but stopped in front of me, bent over a little and pulled one ass cheek to the side and farted. She laughed and started to walk away but I slapped her ass and said, “you bend over in front of me again and you might end up with a hard cock rammed up that hole.”

    She said it sounded amazing and next thing I know I’m stripping out of my clothes and she’s grinding on me. We go into the bedroom and put some lotion on each other. I asked her if she was sure and she said she was. So I eased it in. When I got it in, she went crazy! She said to hold onto her hips, and then she made like a choo choo train noise and pumped her fist a couple times and started leading me around the apartment. It was hilarious. I had to hold her hips tight and squat to stay in her plump soft ass, and walking while pressing to stay in her while also squatting down and my torso and quads were burning!

    Finally we went back into her bedroom where she had a full length mirror. She wanted to look at us as I gently fucked her pooper. It was tight and felt amazing. She made me cum and then we just lay on her bed a few minutes. She asked if I’d go down on her so I did. After that we lay there on her bed and drifted to sleep.

  • My sister started masturbating me when I was around eleven. The first time she did it was sort of forceful, since she is five years older than I am we were wrestling around on the floor then she just pinned me down by sitting on my chest. She then undid my pants and roughly pulled them down exposing my penis then started pulling on it. She did this until I came then asked me how that felt, she did this several times and I never fought back even if I did she was much larger than me at the time.

  • My brother and I used to masturbate together. He would come in to my room at night and kneel between my legs, I’d touch my pussy and he’d stroke his dick and we’d just watch each other. Sometimes he’d stroke and put his dick in me when he came. It always felt so good, and I never got pregnant.

  • I am definitely not ready to put my dick in her pussy. I’d probably be willing to put it in her ass though. Do you think I should ask her?

  • Definitely

  • Would love to hear more

  • What else do you want to hear?

  • I have a coworker who is hot as fuck. I would fuck her in a New York minute but she tells me she wants to save herself for marriage. I think it's bullshit but whatever. She finally agreed to let me jackoff in front of her. I've done it a few times now while she watches. She never touches me or herself, she always just watches and then I take her home.

  • Not the same. She’s not your sister. That element of taboo ratchets up the excitement of what I’m doing with her.

  • Oh sorry, I didn't realize you only wanted comments from sick motherfuckers like yourself.

  • Why is it sick??

  • Oh fuck off. There’s nothing abnormal about what you did. There’s everything wrong with what my sister and I do. That’s why it’s posted here. If I were doing it with anyone else it wouldn’t be news worthy.

  • Hi, don't listen to the idiot before. Yes there is a taboo element to what happens between a brother and sister but i wouldn't call it adnormal because what's normal to one person may not be normal to another. I've had sexual experiences with my sister and it felt naughty but it felt that it was right for us.

  • Get help you sick motherfucker

  • I don't need help. Thanks

  • I was going out with this women that loved to watch me jerk off. She said she never saw a man do that before.

  • My wife loves watching me masterbate. She says it turns her on. Sometimes we'll get in the missionary position and I'll use a vibrator with rabbit sucker on her pussy and clit while I masturbate above her. She always gets off before me, but she watches me none stop stroking it until I cum all over her.

  • I know what you mean. Me and my sister live together too. We were watching a movie one night and there was a sex scene, not even thinking I started rubbing my dick through my pants. My sister paused the movie and asked what the hell I was doing. I just played dumb and was like what? She told me of I was going to rub it, then get it out and get to it. I figured I would shock her and pull it and started masterbating. She watched the whole time and didn't get imbaresed at all.

  • I don't understand why you are not fucking your sisters fat pussy. I would be all up inside of that shit, she has to be needing a good hard fucking.

  • I don’t want to go that far with her. I’ve been thinking about asking her if she’s like to suck my dick though. I think she’d do it.

  • She should at least be sucking and swallowing. It’s just less messy, and tastes better that way.

  • Ok so I was going to ask her if she wanted to suck my dick. I don’t know what got into me but I walked past the bathroom right as she went in and sat down. She always leaves the door open and was entirely naked. I stopped, stripped down, and walked in, tugged her hair and pulled her head to my cock.

    She opened wide and actually pulled me close to her. She gave a better BJ than I’ve ever had.

    So yeah...I got a BJ from my own sister. And she was taking a shit while she did it!

  • Reverse blumkin

  • Haha yeah, it was really good and the whole taboo of it made me cum fast! When she finished she wiped her ass and flushed the toilet. As she did that she said she wondered when I was either going to do something like that or just ask her for a blowjob.

    Ok I wasn’t going to admit this but I guess I will. Because she gave me a blowjob I offered to return the favor and she accepted so we went to her bed and I went down on her. I felt so dirty and awkward tasting my sisters pussy. But I liked it.

  • Ok I can forgive her sucking your cock while she was taking a shit. It’s a little weird but I get it, you strike when the time is right and from the sound of it you and she are pretty open and whatever.

    But you shouldn’t have gone down on her immediately after. She had just shit and pissed and next thing you know your face was down there where she was just pissing and shitting? It’s a little nasty, don’t you think? You did it now, and she’s probably going to expect it again. You need to draw the line about when you’ll do that or she’s going to end up making a very subtle but real power play over you by belittling you by making you do that after she’s been on the toilet shitting and pissing.

  • I guess I can see your point. I don’t think my sister is the “power play” type though. She’s a bit dorky, nerdy misfit and has been pushed around by life a little so far. She got picked on over her weight when we were kids. She’s even fatter now I should ask her how much she weighs. She’s only 5’ tall and has got to be 225 or so pounds.

    Anyway she’s not the type to take charge of something so I’m not worried about what you’re warning me of.

  • You're dancing all around it, why don't you just have some full on sex ? Just be careful she doesn't pop out a Picasso love child. You know, the ones with both eyes on one side of its' head.

  • The more I think about it the more I kind of want to plug her up her chubby ass. And if she asks me to go down on her again I will. I’m not sticking my cock in her pussy. That’s gross.

  • When you see it you will want it.

  • Get in them guts.

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