Phone sex

We don’t do it now but years ago me and the wife would have sex while she is talking on the phone.
It started when we was about to have sex and the phone went, let me get this quickly she said, about 10 minutes later I was getting inpatient so I started touching her pussy, another 10 minutes pass and she is still talking, now I’m fingering her then I couldn’t wait any longer, I pulled her panties of and put my cock in, I started of slowly then when she was listening I would fuck her like mad, we carried on like this until eventually she go of the phone and we finished having sex.
The next time we had sex she said I know let’s call someone, and that is how we had sex, we did this for about four months.

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  • Phone sex is very exciting. You never know what your lover will say or do to you while their husband is on the phone with them. Some women get very physical , its as though they want you to make some noise . That happened to me once , she nearly broke my throbbing dick off and I couldn't help myself. the hubby wanted to know what the noise was, she said it was the TV, and she was watching a western. That's right, she was riding me like a bronco.

  • Before I married my wife we had an affair together. She and I snuck off together whenever we got the chance. This one time we were right in the middle of having sex when her then husband called. She tried to ignore it but he kept calling. She answered it after the 4th time and he was pissed that she hadn't answered before. We were not done yet and she was riding my dick while talking to him. He was asking her when she was coming home as my dick was sliding in and out of her. She eventually ended up divorcing him and we got together.

  • When I was going through the last phases of my divorce, my girlfriend (now my wife), LOVED to suck my dick whenever my ex called. We’d have these drawn out conversations lasting a good 30 minutes and even longer and things would get a little tense but my girlfriend would suck the whole time. She could bring right to the edge of orgasm right when we were going to hang up. It was exquisite torture...

  • Yep we have done that heaps of times it is so much fun particularly if the caller sort of picks up something like sex is happening, my MIL can tell every time and always says I can call back later my wife says not really necessary we are having it off thats fine MIL always says enjoy goodbye

  • My wife used to suck my dick while she would talk to. A guy on the phone.

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