Licking ass

I love women's butts. But I also love to stick my face between the cheeks and lick there asshole. Do any women out there like this done to them?

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  • Only if I get to fuck your butt too

  • Yes I would let you definitely

  • I would love u to peg my asshole

  • All women love it. They won’t all admit it though. Just lick away.

  • I love licking it, and especially sniffing it. Gonna beat off now thinking about it

  • Your women are just not keeping themselves clean enough. My wife showers twice a day, and duches out her asshole each time. I love eating out her ass at the same time I'm eating her pussy. Driving my tongue as deep into her ass as I can, this drives her over the edge. Which makes her pussy gush all over my face.

  • Love it

  • No matter how much a woman scrubs her asshole, you can still smell it; Especially when fucking her doggystyle. I find this a teriffic turn-on, especially if she is a beautiful, classy milf.

  • Yes I also like a little smell

  • When my wife and I were homeless junkies, we couldn't afford toilet paper, so we just licked each others ass holes clean. We pulled ourselves out of the gutter and now live in an apartment with toilet paper, but we still eat each others shitty asses, occasionally, just to remind ourselves of where we've been. It helps keep us off the needle.

  • Barf

  • I was eating my old lady's pussy one night, when my tounge ventured a little too far south. I got a taste of nasty shit all over my tongue and immediately blew chunks all over her. Never did that again.

  • Some fine nuggets?

  • I enjoy it but I will not let him go there unless I am fresh out of the shower.

  • Glad to hear you enjoy it. Love to lick ass and stick my tongue in and out of your asshole.

  • That's cool I like it fresh and clean. Would not like dirty. Does it turn u on?

  • Not many you strange/queer arsehole

  • Your wife loved it.

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