Wife caught me being a sissy panty slut

Ever since I was a little boy I knew I was a little different. I would rather play dolls and dress up with my sister's, then go out and play sports and do boy things with my brothers.
When I was around 10 yrs old, and my one sister that was 12, were playing house. This time for some reason she told me I was the mommy and she was the daddy. Well she told me it was night time, and we needed to go to bed. But we had to get naked like mommy and daddy did. So I said ok and stripped, this was the first time I saw girls didn't have cocks. Well we no more then got into bed, and she said its morning, time to get up. So we pretended to have breakfast, sitting in our underwear. When there came a knock on the bedroom door, my sister opened and said "oh look its our neighbor Bill", (it was really my oldest brother Jack), then she kissed and said she was off to work. Well my sister stepped back in the bedroom and closed the door again. Now, she said that Jack and I had to do what mommy and our neighbor Bill do every morning, after daddy leaves for work. She told us to get naked, and I had to put Jacks cock in my mouth and suck on it till it got hard. Then I was to lay on my back, and Jack was to stick his cock in me. Well unlike mommy I only had ine hole dow there.
Well I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, all I know is from that point on, I would let Jack and my brothers have me anytime they wanted.
Jumping ahead 10 years. Over the years growing up I was told to hide my gay tendencies because folks wouldn't understand. So I met a girl and got married, and lived the normal straight mans life. However in private when alone, I would watch all kinds of gay porn, and wear my wifes dirty panties and bras. This is when I discovered through a local gay chat room, that a small public boat launch, and picnic area a couple miles from our house is were gays and straight couples go to hang out at night. I had to check this out.
So the next evening when my wife returned from her work out all sweaty, I took her dirty bra and panties when she went to shower. Put them on under my clothes, grabbed a couple pairs of socks to stuff the bra with, told my wife I was go to the boat launch to go fishing. Once there I stipped down to just the bra and panties and started walking around the area. It wasn't long before an old man approached me and asked if I want to have some fun. Well you know I did. While I was sucking his cock another man came up so I did him also. I left after a couple if hours, and headed back home. Wife asked me how the fishing was, I told I had a couple little ones but no keepers. I continued to visit this spot 2 to 3 times a week, telling my wife I was going fishing. With each trip out to the fishing hole I got a little more brave. Instead walking around picnic area or wooded area, I started venturing out into where people were parked in there cars. Here I was picking up a lot more action. In a 3 to 4 hour time frame I was now able suck and swollaw cum from at least 4 or 5 nice cocks, plus getting my ass fucked a few times. Before returning home.
Well apparently my wife was starting to wonder why I was never bringing home any fish. So one evening she followed me. When my wife finally caught up with me, I was naked bent over a picnic table, with one guys cock up my ass and anothers guys cock in my mouth. All she said was,"hey guys thats my husband your fucking, get the hell off of him". Then she grabbed my cock and balls in a death grip, and led me to my car. She told me to go home and sit there naked till she got there. It was over an hour before my wife showed up at home. She walked in carring to bags, in which she had sexy womens panties, bras, shoes, garder belts, stockings, and fake boobs for the bras that would make me a 38DD. She then told me something that shocked the shit out of me. She said that from now on I would dress in these clothes and not hers, and she would be going with me.
So now we visit the boat launch about 3 time a week walk around in our sexy underwear, and fuck other men. Neather one of us use any protection of any kind except for when we fuck each other. See my wife has stopped taking her birth control, because she want to have a baby. But she doesn't want any cum from a sissy panty boy to make her pregnant. We now have a perfect marriage.


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  • I just wish I had a wife or a girlfriend like yours.

  • Listen faggot, I'd like to catch you two out in the woods at a park. I'd shove a tree branch up your ass till it came out your mouth. Then I would cut your cock and balls off and nail them to your forehead with a polebarn spike. Then I would find your wife and tie her to a tree, and cut all of her baby making parts out of her. The put a 45 cal. Slug right between her pretty eyes. That way yoy two couldn't cause our husband's to stray and cheat on is good upstanding wives anymore. You sorry excuse for human beings. All you Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual faggots need to be lined up and shot.

  • I am a straight married man, but your comments have made me want to suck your cock

  • I heard self sexual repression can cause pent up anger.

  • Hey listen bitch, if you don't like these stories, then get the fuck off the post.

  • Lucky dude.
    I'm a married man thats also likes to suck dick, and get my ass fucked. I've been hiding this from my wife for over 20 years. I have a couple of buddies that are in the same boat I am. We all hide it from our wives. We also take a lot of weekend fishing trips together, so we can enjoy our gay time with each other. Except we always stop at a fish market on the way back home and by some fresh fish.

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