The Cuck's Fuck

So my wife's lover, Tom, brought his lover for a visit. He referred to her as a "mare in my stable ". She was a pale and lithesome creature, pretty face, high cheekbones, great figure if rather small breasts , compared to my buxom wife. She had long hair, dyed a color purple that I'm pretty sure doesn't exist anywhere in nature. Tom called her, " Chirp ", saying, with a laugh, " That's the sound she makes when I'm fucking her, or, whipping her ! " She lowered her head in a kind of respect, or maybe fear. My wife ordered me to go get their luggage, and toys, and be quick about it. I jumped to my duty, conscious of the chastity cage I was being forced to wear.

After I returned and put their things away, I made a batch of margaritas. Chirp was quiet, but when she did speak, it was in a halting and distracted way. There were big spaces between broken sentences. I asked her about the trip down. " Well...kind of...interstate 45 was, no all...yanno ? And...I like...sucked Master's cock, like twice, " she said, blank faced. Tom laughed assuring me, " I saved you and the little lady plenty, butt boy ! " I gave him a thin smile, and Queen Bitch, my wife said, " Well, good, glad you remembered us ! " with her own smile, which was tight and forced. I'd been married to QB for almost twenty years, at that point, and knew when she was pissed. She, very clearly, did not like Chirp. I figured, correctly, that Chirp was in her early twenties, and QB was almost forty. Tom was thirty two, and I was thirty five. Chirp was prettier, even with the purple hair, and thinner, but not enough to be jealous about. I hoped QB would be cool.

Tom had come into our lives right after our bdsm walked, curiously, out of the bedroom. How many others like us, we wondered ? I was an unabashed bottom, QB a natural top, a bully in r/t , but rather unimaginative in the bedroom or, public dungeon / play space. The online universe provided entire legions of subjects, a large number of which wanted to take it r/t . My wife and I had inklings before that, but, honestly, the internet gave it a validation that was borne out r/t more times than a few. QB met Tom online and hooked-up r/t and she was taken by his beard, blue eyes, self assurance , and insatiable sexual prowess. I was in my own torrid affair with a twenty five year old single mother of two, who wasn't into bdsm at all, and almost bit one of my nipples off in clumsy attempts at pain enhancement. She broke it off in a way that left me, profoundly lonely and isolated. I easily agreed to an awkward arrangement.

Tom, sort of, took over. I gave him carte blanche to do as he wanted with my basement. At his own expense and labor, he turned it into a showcase dungeon. It was all painted flat black and had fake gas torches and a St. Andrew's cross you could fold and tuck away. He was having sex with my wife as well as topping her, on occasion. He kept his stable of mares, which infuriated QB, mainly because she knew she wasn't one of them. She wanted to be special and would do anything to attain that. " How about a stallion in your stable ? " she asked, meaning me, and he laughed, uproariously . " He's a fucking gelding, at best ! " But, he agreed to take a gelding. " It'll be fun, " he observed, coldly.

So, at the grand opening of our ( his ) dungeon, my balls were parachuted to the floor, as I was handcuffed. Tom whipped and fucked my wife, and whipped and fucked me. As usual, at one point, I had to eat his load. It was in the agreement. I was his gelding.

Chirp and I had to undress to serve dinner. I was in a chastity cage, which Tom derided. Chirp went to undress and attach gold chains to her many piercings : both nipples, belly button, upper and lower, clit hood and labia. QB put me in the Gates of Hell, a cock and ball cage, and when naked Chirp was trotted out, I was surprised at how good she looked. She had a beautiful ass, but, it was criss-crossed with dark bruises from canes. Her upper back was marked with crusty welts from " Master's pig-slapper ". Oh, how I knew that toy ! A lead-loaded slapper, with two thick pigskin tails. Tom's favored toy, he used it on me often as he stood behind me, his cock growing bigger, and harder. As we got salads from the fridge she asked me, " So, do Master's cock ? " I nodded yes. " And, ahmmm...swallow his cum ? " I nodded again. She looked worried. " He...fucks you...fucks your ass ? " I nodded again. " With ? " I nodded and looked perturbed. We put out the salads, and Tom pulled on her gold chains. Everything protruded seductively, and I hardened behind my Gates of Hell. " Pull 'em, baby, " he cooed to my wife. She pulled them until Chirp chirped. ( to be cont. )

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  • Lucky you are my wife at one time had a boyfriend but after 2 yrs he left wish could talk her into another boyfriend

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