I promised him he could take nude shots of me

My boyfriend wanted to take some nude pics of me. I said sure,no problem.
He did the usual shots of me removing my bikini top,then bottoms, all sorts of poses ,then tied me to the bed and took more .He opened a drawer and surprised me with toys. He put nipple clamps on, which hurt like hell , put a vibrator in my pussy and played and took pics. He said he wished Jerry could see this ( thats his best friend since they were like 15 ,we are in our late 20's).
I said why,he says you know Jerry always tries to sneak a peek at you . I said oh well , to bad for him , he's not here right now . I said I was thirsty and wanted another beer . He came back and gave me a sip of it , then said lets get freaky, OK ? I said I guess. He shoved a cold beer bottle in me and fucked me with it,and took pics. He pulled it out and made me lick it clean .. After about a week he says can we do it again with Jerry there ? I said why , he said well I showed him all the pictures ,he really wants to be there. I could have died. I said what !! He said oh yeah,Jerry was turned on seeing them , I said well, maybe,maybe . Now tell me what he said.

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  • My wife’s male friend before we where married she knew him he worked for her x got both of them talked and into nude photo section they had a good time he fucked her after hour long photo section

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