Why shaven pussies

Why do so many men want to see women with their with no pussy hair ?

Is it because they secretly wish they are pubescent and really want to fuck little girls ?

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  • I enjoy eating the wife's bald pussy. I think it looks so neat and clean hairless. Also she has had a really hot tattoo over clit that if she allowed hair to grow back you could not see it. Shave on hot women shave on.

  • I love a natural woman, hairy pussies are such a turn on. Love to pull her pants down then see some hair around her panties. That’s when the fun starts. Lie her back, slide those panties down her legs, give them a good sniff, spread her legs wide and lick her to multiple orgasms! Pussy hair leaves her smell in and I simply adore a stinky pussy on a sexy woman. Mmmm

  • My wife shaved bare when we met. It took a combination of her being lazy and me telling her I like full on pubes that she keeps it that way now. Full on ginger colored bush. She also hasnt shaved her armpits in a few years. I absolutely love it. There is nothing sexier, imo, than seeing a woman with a full bush bent over.

  • Well to each his own I guess.
    All I know is that during summer months I shave my legs, arm pitts, and leave just a little landing strip above my pussy.
    However once I pack my bathing suit away in the fall, that's it. I dont shave anywhere until the weather warms up enough the next spring to break my bathing suit back out again. Remind you that we live in a colder northern climate, so warm bathing suit weather is from June to the end of August, maybe first part of September.
    One thing I do know is that the hairy I get the more sex my husband and I have. My husband keeps trying to get me to not shave year around. I've not teached that point yet. One of my girlfriends doesn't shave her pussy, and she has hair that sticks out the bottom and top of her bikini. My husband thinks it hot, I'm undecided.

  • Wow ! Your friends pussy sounds perfect. My wife's pussy hair hangs out of the sides of her bikini and has a trail to heaven from her belly button. I love to watch her bend over and see her dark pubes hanging out under her bum. So sexy and womanly.

  • When I pull a women's pants down I am ready to fuck. If she is shaved neat an clean I am ready to eat pussy. I am not into to eating hairy bushes. So bottom line ladies if you just want to fuck no problem go natural. If you want me to go down on you shave that thing. FYI I am neat and clean down their too. Feel free to return the favor.

  • I just don't like it really hairy. I like to lick a shaved pussy.

  • Wife was shaved when we met. For me, she grew a neat patch above her kitty. The fact it’s blonde turns me on especially

  • I get enough hair in my mouth from my own beard, I don't want more in my mouth when I'm making out with my wife's pussy!

  • It seems that about thirty years ago the collective mindset decided pubic hair was, indeed, nasty. As girls hit puberty they were instructed by girlfriends, and perhaps even their mothers to shave not only their legs and underarms but their pussies too. As they got a little older and began having sex, some of these girls wanted their boyfriends to shave too. Girls and boys claiming, " It's easier going down on somebody who shaves, " which I thought, and still do, is bullshit. Unclean is unclean, whether you have pubes, or not ! I've licked bare pussies that were at the edge of objectionable, and ones fully bushed that were like a field of gardenias. Pubic hair does hold in pheronomes which is a good thing, not bad. I like pubes, the colors and various patterns, but, wtf do I know ?

  • For me it's because I hate fucking pubic hair. It's nasty kinky hair that always smells like piss. I shave around my dick and balls all the time and my wife waxes.

  • Yes , it is , I wish all women were little baldies , so I can F their little V’s all night , but since most women I know or I don’t wanna know are F-ing ugly , that fantasy will never cum true , so yes I wish all women were young girlies so I can have a 2nd Chance in life instead of growing up with lots of ugly stupid people in my life .

  • Same guy here , I don’t give a flying F*** if you call me a pedo , lots of stupid people ran my life for me and failed my life for me and all I did was mind my own F-ing business after the failure , they never let me forget my mistakes , they kept reminding me over and over again about those mistakes , so I don’t give a damn about nobody.

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