I finally had sex with a dog

I’ve always had a fantasy of doing a dog since I was in High School. It started with a girl in my class telling me of how she watched her mom fool around with their Retriever one time. She was upset and confused more than anything. And of course with the hormones at that age the first thing I did was go home and look up dog penis and use two fingers to get me off.

It kinda just grew and grew from there. I never did anything- other than fantasize about doing it with dogs. I had regular relationships with guys but never confessed this with any of them. I would stick to role plays, Omegle talks as a way to relieve my urges and needs. I talked to guys, and couples on the internet. I discovered Craigslist and Ashely Madison. After nearly half a year of filtering out the creeps and dead ends I finally met a couple in New York who wanted me to perform with their dog. We Skyped to check each other out and I made the move to host.

That night I was the most nervous wreck ever. They were sweet and relaxed and let their dog get used to me. It was a pitbull mix I believe. Eventually with enough wine in me I told them I wanted to go ahead before I chickened out. I didn’t want the night to be fruitless more than anything.

I did it on my couch- legs spread missionary style. The wife got the dog hard and guided him in me.

I will not lie- it fucking hurt at first. The cock was hard and pointy and felt very very different. But when it started thrusting- that dog could fuck. I saw red for I don’t know how long.

The shaft isn’t like a guys. It felt more fleshy and veiny. The tip was pointy and it felt like it was poking me. I remember when it’s nails digging and scratching my sides when it scrambled for purchase. It’s panting and breath was warm and stinking.

The husband filmed us while the wife would keep the dog from dismounting. And a few minutes later I felt it’s knot slide in. It didn’t hurt as much but it felt like someone had stuffed me and plugged me with a hard fleshy ball. I did have an orgasm at some point. I do remember the sensation of clamping down on its shaft.

I stayed like that for 20 minutes until I felt it cum and it’s knot shrink.

It came in me. And at first I felt disgusted. Used. I had the most intense experience of my life and I was about to cry. It was quick too. And then I felt the cum just leaking out and hitting the floor like a open tap. I shit you not- it came like a fucking pint. It tasted like warm metallic pineapple.

When it was done I was a shaking mess. The husband took me right after the dog was done. His wife filmed us and the dog wandered off.

It was unbelievably hot. In truth I had no idea the husband would join in- it was never discussed. But in that state of mind- I just let him. They just left after they were done. A few hugs and kisses and a promise to keep in touch.

Would I do it again? Yes and no. I felt like a cheap whore after the dog was done. It was the lowest point and yet the hottest moment of my life. Technically, I did not even consent to her husband joking in. I never wore a mask or a wig. I let them in my home- they could have blackmailed me at any time. I made stupid mistakes. I would still like to have another experience... just on the basis to recreate that experience again.

3 years ago

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    • I have never fucked a dog but I have had a few dogs lick my pussy & ass. The first time was when I was in HS . . . now I'm 35 so there've been a few over the years. I've never told anyone that before. It's just my little secret. By the way, I'm available to dog sit if you're heading out of town *wink*

    • My ex would get drunk and fuck our dog when i told her what she did she would say you let him fuck me told her no was gone to store get more drinks came back he was knotted on her , she would fuck him ever chance she got i would pretend going some where sneak back watch her fuck him

    • Husband and I have helped a few women do this as well.

    • My wife has the same fantasy, we’ve talked about it when we’re having sex.
      I’m not sure if she would really do it, and having it filmed sounds good to me, but think she might have doubts.
      I’m going to Get her hot and read her the story And see what she thinks??

    • Did I the dog enjoy himself? When he cam in you did he groan with pleasure? Would you suck a dog? Would you prefer a dog with larger cock?

    • I still remember the day my husband caught me with the dog between my legs. I was so embarrassed and figured he was going to be really mad about it but he just told me to keep doing it as he sat down to watch. After I was pleasured he asked me if I also played with the dogs cock to give him an orgasm and I told him no. He unzipped and asked me to suck him off because watching the dog lick me was a huge turn on and during that he asked me if I had ever let the dog mount me. I had done this a few times but told him no just him licking me was all I had done. He then asked if I would do it so after I was finished sucking him off he got the dog up on me and guided things along until he was deep into me humping away. He was behind me watching the whole time and I could hear him making comments about how hot this was to see.

    • My husband walked in on me with our lab stuck in me....

    • I have always thought i would like to try it with a dog. but have no dog or idea how to meet someone to teach me

    • I have a well trained dog who loves the ladies !

    • I will host for you to try it!

    • After my first time with our family dog, I too felt ashamed and like a cheap whore. I kept wondering what I would do if anyone ever found out. But I had made sure no one was home, and cleaned up the mess of all the dog cum that leaked out all over the bed and floor. I had to make sure my husband didn't see the scratches on my sides and hips from the dog until they healed. Which wasn't a problem since he doesn't pay a lot of attention to me since I have gained some weight, and gotten a bit chunky.
      But it gets more pleasurable each time you do it, and you feel a lot less guilty. I can honestly say I now have sex with the dog more times a month then I do with my husband. Plus I at least orgasim everytime with the dog, and hardly ever with my" Two Pump Chump Husband".

    • Sofucking hot ... love it, masturbating will reading .... fucking hot ..!!

    • Your husband's a dork. He doesn't know what he's got. An awesome woman with a little meat on her bones, and is into beastiality too. I would be happy if my wife would just put a little weight on her skinny ass.

    • Actually you did consent to the husband by not saying anything while you were awake and fully aware.
      I usually wear a tee shirt with my lab. It protects me from his claws.

    • How is that consent? It is simply passive acceptance, consent needs to occur before any cock is shoved in a hole.

    • Passive acceptance is concent. It’s you job to say no.

    • I started when I was around sixteen, family dog was a lab. I came home from my summer lacrosse practice and was a sweaty mess. Whenever anyone came home he would follow you around until he thought enough petting had been done. I was really hot that day, I came into my room and put the ceiling fan on high then laid on the floor right under it. He began licking my legs and I just did not even care, then next thing I feel is his nose pushing against my shorts. I am not sure why but I reached down and just took off my shorts and underwear then put my legs back down. He sniffed around for a short time then began licking me, it felt amazing and after quite a bit of licking and finger rubbing I had a great orgasm.
      Then about a month later I turned around and finally got him to mount me, he was huge and thank goodness no one was around because I let out a few loud moaning ouches the first few times he fully went inside me. I did this right thru college and now even still with my current dog.

    • I'm going to do it but do knot how bad does it hurt?

    • I just read your story and it was so so hard I can’t stop touching myself I live in Florida and if you ever wanna experience that again I would definitely love to be a part of it but this time when we’re done I would hold you and make you feel as beautiful as you are if that’s what you want it please tell me more about you what do you look like are you tall short how old are you

    • Me too, jerking off to this, so hot ,,,,

    • Dog Rapist . Reported for moderation.

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