I fantasize about being gang-raped by girls

I have a fantasy of being ambushed in my own home by my 13-year-old daughter and her two best friends. They would trip me, tie me up, and tear off my clothes, my bra, and my panties. They would taunt me while they stripped and fondled each other, and then they would take up their positions: one at my pussy, one with hers right in my face, and one either behind me or at my breasts. They would fuck me and call me a fat old bitch and laugh at me whenever they made me come.

I’ve never been with any girls or women, and I don’t think my daughter is into anyone at all right now, and I would never try to initiate with her ... but the idea of being her fuck toy turns me on so much my husband can’t keep up with me.

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  • Fake or not, still hot as hell! I’m soaked...

  • Considering you're a 13 year old boy, you have neither a pussy nor a daughter. For that matter, you don't have a husband neither.

  • Oooooh your fantasy sounds incredibly hot

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