Cocks Fit Together

Had an interesting experience today. I am a circumcised male and I had en encounter with an un-circumcised guy. With both of our cocks erect he took my dick and inserted it inside his foreskin. We were actually able to play that way for a while. It was like I was fucking his cock. Weird sensation!

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  • Wait till he puts his foreskin over your woman's clit!

  • Hot

  • Could you sort of fuck him and have a cum by docking ?

  • Thanks for the idea.... and thank you to the person who named it for me...docking.

  • Well I suppose that is better than putting it in his arse.

  • It’s called “docking “

  • Thanks. Never heard of it before but it was very cool. Wonder what it's like when both guys shoot their loads like that.

  • It's called being gay. There is a cure for that.

  • Too bad there does not appear to be a cure for narrow minded stupidity.

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