Use to play with my cousins tits

When I was a kid age 12 and my cousins 13 and 14 I use to go into there room, lift up there shirt slowly to see there boobs, my one cousin had huge pink areola I use to rub my finger around it. Making it hard, I wanted to do more but I stopped, then my other cousin I did the same thing she had small pink nips. One time my older cousin woke up as I was doing it she said that’s making me hot go to the bathroom real quick, so I did she came in after and started making out. I’m also at my grandmas house while everyone is sleep, so back to the bathroom, she takes my dick out and starts blowing me as she is fingering her self, this was all new to me since she was my first with stuff, then she said she doesn’t want me to take her virginity but she wanted to feel me in her ass so I did, I lost my virginity to her ass. Then after I came inside her she sat on the toilet and started sucking me off again. I came one more time about knocking me out on the ground then we leave, and go to bed.



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  • Once during holdays at Aunty's farmhouse, my big cousin sister aged 20 would go down their farm to their own pond from where the farm is water from the pump house on the pond edge. She used to have a bath every day in the morning in that pond and washes her panties and other dresses. When she started to move to the pond, I followed her out of sight and got into the pump house which had airlet holes all over the walls. From the pumphouse the steps to pond which was at the opposite side was clearly lit in the morning Sunshine. She covering her body with a big slim towel started removing her dresses facing the pumphouse. When it came to remove her panty she had to wriggle herself and I could clearly see through the gap of the wrapping towel her hairy pussy. She removed her bra and just to tie around the towel around her she just opened the both ends fully exposing her nude body in the sunlight. Oh it was a pretty sight. My cock which was already hard was being stroked by me. I was only 15 years then. Her boobs were not saggy but straight and full round. Her pubic hair was too thick and no sign of her clit. She after tightly wrapping the towel, first stepped into the pond steps down to the water and took two or three dips. She then walked back and sat at the water edge and started to wash her panty and bra. As she was drenged in water and towel was not thick her body outline was clearly visible. The nipples were protruding and while she sat tilted her thighs were clearly showing in the sunlight. After washing her essentials she stepped into the water and swam across dipping at times and climbed back to put soap all over her body. At times opening the towel facing the me and clearly massaging the soap on her boobs, body and pussy. After her bath she took a dry towel and just dropped the wet towel exposing her body full to my view. Meantime I had reached my climax and had a great cum. Before dressed up and left for the house I sneaked out.

  • When I was 15 my uncle married a woman who had three daughters. Her oldest daughter was 14. We had a graduation party for my sister and everyone was there drinking and getting drunk. Naturally all the little kids were playing and all the teens were hanging out. At one point in the night I laid down on the couch. My uncle's 14 year old stepdaughter came in the room and asked me to sit up so she could sit down. I however refused. So she sat on me, right on my dick. Not to brag or anything, but I'm fairly well endowed, and even at 15 I had a pretty big dick. As soon as she sat down my dick got hard. I knew she felt it because she looked at me with a smile. Then she slid back and forth on my asking if I was going to move. It felt so good there was no way I was moving. She kept doing it until I creamed in my jeans. I'm pretty sure she orgasmed herself because not long after I creamed, she bit her lip, closed her eyes, and moaned a bit. Then she got up and left. I snuck off to my room so I could change.

  • I really did fuck my cousin. We were at a family reunion and we had flirting all day. It was so obvious that my mom told me to stop it. So her sister decided she as done and wanted to go back to her house. Me and my cousin wanted to go too. The parents let us go but told her sister to not leave the house. Well she didn't listen and as soon as we got to the house she was gone. We waisted no time going to her room and fucking. Our parents were pissed that her sister was gone, but we convinced them we were good and didn't do anything.

  • My cousin always had a finger or his dick in me. When I grew boobs he loved to suck on them. We’d go behind the barn and I’d pull up my top and he’d just suck and I’d stroke him. It was fun.

  • My cousin just lifted my shirt one day, my boobs were not very big yet but he still wanted to touch them. He ran his fingers over them for quite some time and I just sat there letting him do it.

  • We were caught by his Dad (my uncle) once, late at night, I was sitting on my cousins lap, we thought everyone was asleep, I was just grinding on him with his cock in me. My uncle came through, pretty fucked up, got beers from the kitchen, and on his way back asked us what we were doing. We said just watching a movie, but he walked over and pulled up my nightgown. We knew he could see everything, but he just laughed and called us “little horndogs” and went back to his room with his beers. We found out years later my older sister was in there with him.

  • We use to play doctors and nurses that always entailed my pants being taken down down and three girls taking turns playing with my dick sometimes arguments broke out about some were taking more time than others, fond memories

  • So good that you did not take her virginity but you both must have had such a great time, how fantastic to fuck a girl in the arse at such a young age, you both should be very proud of yourselves

  • My sister and I had a great time exploring each other at 13 and 14 and she had awesome boobs at that age. One of the things I have missed for the rest of my life is that she was a morning person and I woke up quite often during summer vacations to her sucking on me. Her husband made a comment one time that she is amazing in the morning when a few of us were joking about sex and women, I held back any comments but I was sitting there remembering her cock sucking skills even at that age.

  • Girls don’t even have boobs until they reach puberty. Report for moderation.

  • My God , Why are there no good confessions on here , well I may as well go jump off the Empire State Building in New York in my retirement year , I just get drunk and send my self to Hell and hope my sweet room in Hell is good and ready for torture and torment towards my abusers .

  • Horseshit

  • My thoughts exactly. It's like these kids who write bullshit stories on here think they are some porn star at the age of 13. NO dude, you didn't fuck your cousin in the ass and she didn't suck you little dick twice in the middle of the night. More like you wanted to fuck your cousin and either didn't have the balls to come on to her, or you tried to in the middle of the night and she smacked you and told your dumb ass to go back to bed.

  • I don’t believe this because it sounds so porn driven. I feel like real life is when you and your cousin stay up really late at night and watch the only thing that’s on which is Dr Who and Bizarre on PBS, and you lay down on your stomach and spread your legs and your cousin lays down on top of you and you watch tv while he does the pumping thing in you until you fall asleep. But what do I know?

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