Sissy faggot boy

Well a couple of days I want to a hair salon and bough as new wig and the owner and me talk for a while about the look I wanted so I Tryed on a few wigs and I found the one and she agreed. So she ask if I want her to do my makeup and put it on the wig then I said how about Saturday afternoon say about four she ok. So Saturday she about three and asked if I was still coming I yes so I put on my thongs pantyhose mini skirt top 6 inch heels grab my wig and to her salon got she said I looked sexy but I was going to look more sexier when she was done she my nails makeup and my wig. It took about and hour and half to do it but when she was done I look just like I want to look like a women she ask me where I was going I told to a gay bar to have fun I ask her if she wanted to come as my date and she wasn't sure and ask please So me her Sat there in her salon four and hour and talk I found out she was 55 year old single money and she was looking for a partner life so was I and she did not look 55 believe me very sexy women so went to the bar had some drinks danced with each other talk had a lot of fun so we ended up at her place and she grab me and started to kiss me and fun my ass and next thing I knew we on the floor dubbing each other and then I felt it she was a shemale so I got out a stroked it and got my month on it suck until she was hard and bent over she put her big dick on my ass and f fuck me seem like for hours but when she cummed it was so hot I had cummed to I couldnt believe it but it was so great and very good sex we did it a couple more times then went to bed we woke next to each other and did again it was even better so we had something to eat she had to go to the salon my car was there So we got there and got out of her car and she gave phone number and address and then she grab me put her arms around me and kissed me and it was so beautiful and I love it we have been having a lot of fun together since she is so beautiful and she males me feel so feminine and I love her for that I am so glad I went to her salon

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  • Now you listen to me good. you dam well get us that big lottery and we want those units for income and a new house so get to it. I am fed up over 40 years without. you owe me and make it happen fast or else.

  • Go f yourself

  • Did you actually get past second class you write like a moron, go back to school because you will never be able to hold down a job, half wit.

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