Small penis humiliation

So I have a pretty small penis.I used to be really self conscious about it, especially when girls would make fun of me. It happened a few times. So I guess over time I’ve come to really like the humiliation of it, girls knowing and maybe telling there friends really turns me on. I have told my wife and she now indulges in my fetish. I also like to go on cam sites and show my tiny dick and my face, wondering if anyone I know will see me. Not sure why but nothing turns me on more.

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  • You're not sure why nothing turns you on more. You've thought about that. Haven't you. You've wondered about it. Do you want to know why? I can tell you. But don't agree too quickly. It's very humiliating and very powerful.

    You should think this over before answering.

  • One of the best things I found is to get your wife to talk about your small dick to her friends, even better if you are there she may get you to show it. you never know.
    better when out for drinks chat.

  • Maybe you should introduce your wife into the Cuckold lifestyle. I’m pretty sure she would love you for it

  • The best thing about having a small dick and balls is you can wear female panties all the time and they cover
    All the best

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