I gave my best friend a blowjob

Me and my friend Jerry would hang out all the time after school, at the courts , the lake, his house,everywhere. One day we were at his house and he said man I really need to get off, Do you mind if I jerkoff ? I said whatever you want to do.
He said j/o with me, so i did. Now a new level has entered our lives and when we wanted to,we would both just j/o. As it progressed ,he asked me to jerk him off,so i reached over,grabbed his cock and jerked him off until he came,then he lost interest, as i always did after cumming ,and i would just j/o myself
One day im jerking him off,he said i want to stand ,so he stood in front of me as I stroked his cock,then he slowly walked to me, as if i didnt notice,now he was close to my face, I knew what he wanted, so i looked at him said " this stays between us right? " he said of course, So i leaned forward and took him in my mouth , licked it ,slid it in mouth,and i really liked it.I continued to suck my first cock and when he was ready to cum, he pulled out and shot it on my chest. He was panting saying holy fuck dude.I dont know why but i leaned forward back to his cock and licked the cum off his head. I actually liked it. Hours later that night,he said dude did you like sucking me ? I said yes I did,it was better than i expected.Jerry says will you blow me now,again ?
So i did,only this time I wanted the cum,so as i was sucking him,and he was about to cum,he tried to pull out,and i held his cock in my mouth and took my first cum load,,swallowed all of it. Jerry says wow dude,I cant believe we just did that. After that I would blow him whenever he wanted,he never blew me,but I dont really care

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  • This reminds me a lot of growing up. I swallowed a lot of James' cum over the years.

  • My friends and I would camp out at my house all the time because my parents had 10 acres and the rear third of it was woods. We would take turns going around behind the tent and sticking our cock thru the screen zipper. one of us inside would suck or stroke on it until they came. Good times back then.

  • That's not fair. If you suck a friends dick, it's only fair that he returns the favor. I never suck cock or take it up the ass unless he is going to reciprocate.

  • Yeah well, it was what it was

  • I also participated in teen cock sucking during many overnights at my friends. We even had a three way going one night on our sides, not sure why we did it but it felt great.

  • How old were you anyway?

  • Wow

  • That's what best friends are for.

  • Yep

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