Group fuck the cheating bitch

Yeah so im posting back on here again, things have gone real fast and crazy since i last posted about my mates cheating slut of a girlfriend. after posting about the first time me an my other mate double fucked her, next day we did it again round my mates place, and early this week monday i left work early to meet her at my other mates again, she had an job interview in the day and came round straight from that, what a sight it was. office pencil skirt, blouse, jacket, heels and stockings, we double fucked her almost fully clothed. that was the best fuck so far, until last night. now last night was out of the blue and things got fucking crazy and prob getting out of control now.
it all started when last night i was round my mates house (cassie's boyfriend) she was out, not that i thought anything by it, and i get a message from my other mate saying come round his, the another saying “she needs more” knowing exactly what that means i made my excuses and left.
so i get round his flat, he answers the door and i could hear moaning and fucking noises. i walk in to see cassie on the sofa getting shafted at ether end off two older guys i dont know. i asked my mate who are they and he told me guys he used to work with, not only is she getting fucked ether end not even noticing me but shes wearing thigh high hooker boots, hot as fuck. i asked were the boots came from and my mate told me that the boots are his exs hes had hidden away. with that my mate locked the door and shirt was off he dived straight in, grabbed her by the hair, pulled her mouth off one the guys cocks and rammed his straight in her mouth.
she must been getting fucked by then for awhile though coz her makeup and mascara had all run down her face, so i went in for my go, grabbed a fist full of her hair and shoved her whore mouth round my cock, while fucking that pretty mouth she had grabbed and started wanking the other two off and leaning over her i could see the other guy was fucking her ass, even then i knew this thing was now out of control but shes just as much to blame as us the fucking slut, after fucking and sharing her mouth and face for awhile i got my turn on her ass, bending that sweet round ass over and sliding my cock straight inside. like a true whore it went in so much easier than it did before. still tight but not as tight as first time i fucked her ass. got it felt good and watching her suck cock was hot as fuck. then before long she was climbing on my mate as i grabbed her hips, watching him slide in her cunt and then following by slipping mine in her ass, hands on her hips pounding away at her, the other two guys i didnt know had her face to the side fucking her mouth one by one. she didnt even wrap her lips round the cocks anymore, just an open mouth taking all their lengths, moaning and groaning, making gagging and gogging noises. i looked down and could see my whole length plunging in and out of her asshole. i took my hands off her hips and ran them down the long hooker boots,
after awhile he other two took turns on her ass and it fucking her mouth for abit, she did her useral calling me an asshole and prick, i would shove my cock deep down her throat and pince her nose shut so she couldnt breathe, slap her face, hands round her neck and choke her, called her a whore and peice of fuckmeat.
we all took turns on each hole of her for awhile swapping positions but my fav moment was when she was facing me, cock under her in her ass and me in her pussy, both boots on my shoulders. she turned to me and said “i fucking hate you” it was so fucking hot. nasty dirty bitch! i just spat at her. the other two guy who i didnt know came first. one in her cunt and the other in her ass, one left soon after and the other went for another go in her mouth while me and my mate doubled her, he came a second time in her mouth not soon after and i them came in her pussy, mixed cum, mine and some other guy, as he left my mate was just pounding her in the ass, he laying flat on her front on the floor, boots waving with every stroke he took at her. just as i got hard again he came in her ass and i took his place.
i had her on her side, one leg in the air, my cock in her ass again as cum leaked out her cunt down the inside her thigh.
i looked at her again, face to face in those beautiful eyes thinking, did i start
all this? thinking the first time i fucked her. always wanting to for years, always wanting her to be a slut and now she really is, she clearly didn't know those other guys but just wanted cock. fucked by four guys behind her boyfriends back wearing second hand hooker boots. she got off on it of course, she had cum twice with us before but now it was just me n her again as my mate watched and smoked on the sofa.
she said it again “i fucking hate you” and with that i pulled out stood up while grabbing her by the hair and rammed my cock straight from her ass back in her mouth. she gagged and choked, my cock was covered in left of cum, i pull it out and wiped it all over her face, then spat on her again before sitting myself down next to my mate on the sofa, seeing what she would do. she followed and climbed back onto me, guiding my cock back inside her, pussy this time and leaned off reaching for my mates cock, she got him hard again as she has ways, and before long he was in her ass behind her pounding away. it went long as she began to cum again, this then made me and my mate cum so pretty much both us filled her ass and pussy at the same time again. he collapsed off her and she just fell onto me, eventually getting off she stood up and you could see the cum pour out of her down the inside both her legs, all over the boots.
she then said “right id better go home”
and after disappearing into bathroom for ten mins she came out dressed and her face clean, air up, and left.
i dunno whats happing, im just enjoying the ride now, this are out of my control, its in her control really, she keeps messaging my mate and me. wanting it. apparently the other two guys live miles away and wont say anything but thats more people that shes fucked and more that no. fucking her like a whore is so good. i doubt i could ever get sick of it, just hope this aint the beginning of the end. thanks for all the likes, will keep things posted.


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  • God, the world needs more women like this. She's an absolute treasure.

    I used to be one of about a half dozen guys who were regularly fucking this wonderfully insatiable young married girl. On top of that, I have no clue how many complete strangers I watched fuck her and cum inside her at adult theaters. I fucked her at her own house in her own bed a few times, and once took her to a place with video booths once and fucked her from behind while she sucked strangers through a glory hole, but another theater had a couple of different group sex rooms, and she took to it like a fish to water. It was amazing. She ended up going there so often that the staff knew her.

    I never saw her turn down a cock, and while I always used condoms I never saw her ask anyone to do so. Even hotter, she wasn't on birth control, so apparently she ran up quite a tab buying Plan B.

    Possibly the hottest moment ever was in one of the group rooms. I'd just watched about a half dozen guys fuck her on the bed in the middle of the room. She had 3 loads of cum on her face, I was on top of her fucking her like there's no tomorrow, and there's a crowd of horny guys standing around us watching... and her mobile rings. It was her husband, who had no clue were his young bride was, that she was naked on her back covered in strangers cum, or that I was driving my cock deep into her married pussy. I came so hard!

  • Yawn

  • LOL ! Everybody put on your "hooker boots" and masturbate to the hate !

  • What does your girlfriend think about this?

  • Wow, thanks for sharing again. Please let us know how it progresses, and when it all unravels.

  • Semi-literate drivel in a wall of text.

  • Piss off, at least it is original and seems genuine.

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