Love much younger girls

I'm in my 40s and had my first sexual experience with a girl who was 9 when I was 8. She would have us strip down and she'd rub her bald little bottom hard against my erection till she'd orgasm. After this, I started initiating sexual play with other kids in my neighborhood, and it was always welcomed and mutually fun and exciting. When I was around 16, my baby sister who was about 7 would be alone with me and we'd tickle and wrestle and eventually I'd rub her vagina through her pants, and she loved it. We'd do this daily, and she wanted to see and touch my penis, and I let her watch while she'd be laying on the floor masturbating as I'd be doing the same, and to see her climax made me cum harder than ever. I have had other times playing with younger girls, like my little cousin when she was 12-15, and a family friend's 6 yo daughter, who initiated with me by grinding her crotch on my leg, stripping naked and showing herself to me, and "accidentally" putting and holding her hand on my crotch when we played around. She loved when I'd pick her up because she'd grind herself on my hip, so one day I decided to pick her up when she asked (as she always does when I'm there) and this time I scooped her with my hand so that my palm and fingers caressed her crotch. The way she squirmed and squealed as I rubbed her really turned me on, and there was a time she was wearing a skirt and I actually felt her get wet through her panties. There was also a time when I was playing with her like this and I started to slide my fingers beneath her panties and slowly into her little slit, and she grabbed my head and said "you make me feel so good down there, but please don't tell my mommy about this, because I don't want us to be in trouble." I still love having sex with my woman who's in her early 30s, but I still fantasize about younger girls, and luckily my gf does, too.


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  • Many find it sick but I used to like this neighboring little girl - 8 yo. She used to visit me whenever she got time and would sit on my lap and would feel my hard-on by her butt as I could understand rather clearly. I used to give her a bar of chocolate or a pack of soft drink and my hand would stroke her thighs and my palm traveling beneath her short skirt. My fingers then push aside her panties to find her crotch. Intuitively she would open her thighs as I started to finger fuck her - my finger would go as far as possible to rub in. This went on for about a year when I was able to push in two of my fingers using lube and she did enjoy it! Little girls are really inquisitive!!

  • I agree. That's every man's dream

  • I have just cum reading that, please tell me more.

  • There is a girl living in our tower block, she told me that she is thirteen and I know she is rather mentally retarded. Her name is Christina and I have been making her my friend for months now.
    Three weeks ago she asked if she could come back to my flat after I'd been chatting to her in the stairwell of our block. I agreed and we went up in the lift and into my flat. I asked her if she wanted a drink, she did and I went to fetch it.
    When I got back to the lounge, she was laying on the sofa with her legs pulled up so far I could see her panties. I gave her the drink and said are you comfy and she replied don't I look comfy. I could see where this was going.
    I sat down beside her and started stroking the inside of her thighs, she put her drink down and got up and sat on my lap, but not before pulling her skirt right up to her waist. We kissed and kissed some more, I caressed her thighs more, my hand moving nearer and nearer to her panties, then I slipped my hand inside them.
    Her tongue was going mad inside my mouth, she was thrusting her hips towards my touch, I parted the hairs on her vagina and inserted a finger, she was really aroused and so was I.
    I had a vasectomy years ago, I wanted to fuck her like mad and knew there was no risk of pregnancy, so I laid her back on the sofa, removed my pants and underwear, spread her legs, pulled her panties aside and pushed my erect cock inside her. I lifted her bum up so I was all the way in and we fucked, did we fuck, she was a nympho, gripping my waist with her legs , she was so wet, I felt myself cumming and I shot my load inside her.
    We are now fucking most days, I am retired, have time on my hands and a lovely young girl as well!!

  • Hot

  • Hella Hot

  • You stupid son of a bitch!!!

  • Yea, like a pedophile like you has a 30 year old girlfriend. Please get caught, go to jail, and die on the lowest rung of that system.

  • You are sick, dude. I can only hope you die a slow and painful death, very soon.

  • I’m a horny male and like to try different things even been fucked in my asshole with a strap on. But I don’t get turned on by little girls.

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