My first blowjob

This goes a way back to the early 70's. I had just met my wife to be and she sure was hot. She had all the right curves and huge boobs that even with a bra they would sway as she walked and I always had a perpetual hard-on as I would watch the action of her tits. We had many dates before anything happened sex wise bcuz back then it was accepted etiquette. She was the first one to actually initiate sex, which back then most women wouldn't. But anyway I loved her confidence and her wit. So where this happened was in the parking lot of her work. She worked nights and I would take her to work early and we would sit and talk before she would go in, and I was always complimenting her about how she looked, how much I enjoyed her company and how HOT she was. She was almost embarrassed by my compliments because she didn't have much self asteem from some past abuse. So I pored on my praise, I really did like her a lot. So one night She told me to pull the car into the farthest part away from any one else and there were no lights there either. She started tracing the outline of my dick through my pants with these long nails of hers, which got me to squirming and I ran out of room in my underwear. She gave me this mischievous grin, smiled at me and told me to take it out. So I did and it stood straight and tall. She took me in hand stroked it awhile, and it sure felt good. Her touch was gentle, warm and had a sense of urgency. I told her how good she felt, how much I loved it, and she said she liked it also. She also complimented me on my cock. Then did what I never expected, she bent over and took me in her mouth. OMG...never had I felt anything so good, or so intense, or so intimate as this. She took my breath away. She licked me, stroked me and bobbed her head up and down a mile a minute, oh so gooood, and I could only tell her how good she was, how good it felt and how honored I felt that she would do something as sacred as this for me. As I approached an orgasm, I told her I was getting ready, and what should I do now, I had nothing to wipe up with or nothing to cum in, all she did was give a "two thumbs up", and she went deep and stayed there, I could actually feel her throat muscles contracting. I came hard and long and she was able to manage all of it, she swallowed me and kept me in her mouth for a few moments after and then gave it a couple more licks and kisses before coming up, wiping her mouth and smiling, all I could do was look at her while I gathered myself and came to, so to speak. I told her that was a stellar performance and I told her she needs to do that again real soon. After dropping her off, I reflected on what just happened and realized I needed to marry her, so as not to lose this precious woman. Anyway, the following night she did the same thing again and it seemed like she was even better. We eventually got married and she still gives me head to this day.

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