What would you do if you ordered up an escort and your daughter

This happened to me sort of. Not my daughter but my first cousin. We laughed about it and then we fucked the afternoon away.

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  • A friend of my nieces was an underaged stripper. I went to the club one night and requested a lap dance from her. When she came to my table, she was shocked to see it was me. She looked at me for a minute, then shrugged her shoulders and gave me my lap dance. One of the other girls told me she did call outs too.
    I went across the street to the hotel and got a room. I put in a call out requesting, "Spice" specifically. A knock at the door, and you could have knocked her down when I opened the door. "You sure about this"? I said, "I paid my money and asked for you. What do you think"?
    She came in the room and we started making out at once! She told me that she wanted to fuck me for a long time, and I told her the same. We were soon naked on the bed and fucking hard. We sucked and fucked and ate each other for about an hour. I paid her extra for her time.
    After that, we started meeting at the hotel about 2 or 3 times a month and just fucking the nigh away. She was 16 then. I haven't seen her in years, but I am sure she is making some guy very happy!

  • This did kinda happen to me. Our daughter was at college, and we went to visit her, staying in a hotel for a few days after. One night my wife was tired so I went out by myself for a drink. I found a bar, but next door was a massage place. I got tempted in and was shown to a room, aske to remove all my clothes, lie face down and somone would be in shortly.
    Anyway shortly a girl came in, I didn't see but I heard, and she got on with the massage. It turned out to be quite erotic, with a heavy focus on my ass, and she stroked my balls a few times. I was very hard when I was invited to turn over. When I did I got the shock of my life to see it was my daughter who had been giving the massage, and I had not recognised her.
    Naturally she did not want to pull me off and told me to get dressed and meet her outside.
    My boner was an issue to dressing so I jerked off in to a sink in the room before zipping up and heading out.
    Outside we didn't talk about it we just agreed I would not tell her mom that this is how she was earning money, and she would not tell mom I go to places like that.

  • What your daughter is doing regularly, and what you did one time, are two completely different things. I'd blackmail her into giving you some pussy for you to keep quiet.

  • I'd have had her pull me off or suck me off then have sex with her every chance or tell her mom what she does.

  • I went to a motel and I called an escort service. I requested someone older, but not old. When the escort arrived, she turned our to be my mother. I had jacked off many times thinking of her, and here was my chance. My mom didn't stop me when I took off her clothes, or when I sat her on the bed. I undressed revealing my big hard cock. I got into bed with my mom, feeling her tits and nipples, and her wet pussy. Then I got on top of her, slowly inserted my cock and we fucked. Then we fucked again. I'd paid for two hours and except for taking breaks to recharge, we fucked the rest of the time.

  • I think the question is what wouldn't i do.

  • I would fuck the shit out of her and then make her start payng me half of every dollar she makes being a whore.

  • If my daughter or step daughter turned up both would get fucked by dad xx

  • Agreed!

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