Horny when pregnant

My wife is pregnant with our second. She has been with the first and now she again is highly sexed. She's in the 14th week and its the same as at the first pregnancy. She could have sex nearly all day. What she would never do, she asked me to take her to a swinger-club.
At her first pregnancy I caught her one afternoon with her young brother. First I have not been happy but then I agreed it would be better than strangers.
Girls out there (with kids). Did you feel the same, when you were pregnant and what did you do about it?
Sorry for my bad english!

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  • I'm currently pregnant and crazy horny, hormones are a thing.

  • The Autor: Hi. First Congratulations to you! I hope all runs good for you two! What do you do about it. Are you married and does your husband fulfill your sexual needs? What I would like to know - because I don't get it out of my head - could you imagine to have Sex with your brother (if you have one) or someone else of your family? I confess, seeing my wife with her brother made me very, very horny. And as she is pregnant again, I often think about it. I know, I shoud talk to her about it but I can't.

  • I think my wife was around six months and she just turned into a sex machine, wanted to be played with all the time and she would get turned on in seconds. I had never heard her tell me to "fuck her brains out" in three years of marriage and the two years before it until one evening when I came home from work.

  • My wife was like that too when she was pregnant. She normally had an average sex drive, I typically had to initiate sex, but when she was pregnant she would come home from work and say "mama needs some" and would grab me by the belt loop and basically molest me. She wore me the fuck out. I had to take Viagra to keep up. She literally wanted to fuck 3 times a day.

  • The Autor: Thank you for reply. Did you like it? How did you handle it?

  • My wife seemed more sexually active with the second pregnancy but we also had about 8 weeks of no sex after she conceived because of some vaginal issues so that could have had something to do with it.

  • The Autor: My wife was too tight to give birth on the usual way. So she had to be "cut open". But was no problem. And the plus is, she's still tight. :-)

  • I'm not really horny when I am pregnant. But I do have orgasms while in labor. With my first child I thought I was imaging it at first. With each contraction I would have an orgasm. As the contractions intensify, so did the orgasms until I was having full on earth moving orgasms when the baby was coming out. I was so imbaresed that I played it off like it was labor pain screaming. I thought it was just the one time, but it happened again with my second child and again with my third child. By the time my fourth child came along, I refused drugs for the pain. My husband who never knew and still doesn't, tried to convince me I needed the drugs for pain because of my difficulty with labor. I told them all to shut up, I wanted to do this. The pleasure from those orgasms totally masked the pain and it was so worth it. My husband told me I was "trooper", little does he know why I really did it.

  • My sister was really horny when she was pregnant.

  • Can you elaborate, tell us more?

  • Yeah sure, my sister got pregnant by someone who turned to be an idiot and they split up. The idiot decided he wanted nothing to do with baby and disappeared. My sister was upset and even though she was glad not to be with the father, she was still disappointed to be on her own. Anyway, i told her that i would help and step in. I attended doctors appointments and prenatal clases with her. Rather then let her live alone, i moved her into my place because if i was going to support her through her pregnancy it was easier under one roof. During this time we grew incredibly close to one another and she told me during her pregnancy she feeling incredibly horny! Not sure if was a hint but i took my opportunity anyway and grabbed her hand and led to my room and we slept together.

  • Good job.

  • Thank you

  • Have only been preggers once. First few months were not sexy due to morning sickness and being really sensitive to smells. By the fifth month I was horny all the time. Had a hard time keeping my scruples and not asking for outside help. I was craving to mount anything or anyone lol.

  • Autor: Thanks for reply. May I aks - what did you do about it?

  • If my husband's dick wasn't available, I'd ride my thick rubber dildo to get off and cool down.

  • My wife and I have 5 kids. She too has a condition where she is extremely horny when she's pregnant. She is normally a faithful loving wife, but when she's pregnant she will fuck anyone with three legs. From the time she becomes pregnant until birth she had multiple affairs with each pregnancy. I ofcourse was suspicious and demanded a paternity test with each child. They are all mine.

  • I’m so crazy horny when I’m pregnant. Every time. I was young when I had my first, and I would just walk around naked. I felt like a goddess. My husband would bring home friends, omg I fucked all of them. It was such a good time.

  • When I was pregnant with our first child and started showing my husband wouldn't touch me. I was so horny I would masturbate as soon as I got home from work then try to get him to have sex with me when he got home. Finally one day at work this guy was telling me how he always was turned on by pregnant women , loved when his wife was pregnant and that they had sex all the time. I told him I wished that was the case with me and my husband but he won't touch me. He sat there for a second then said " If you need someone for sex I would love to be with you". I didn't want to cheat on my husband but I needed sex and not just masturbation so we arranged to meet at a motel. He was so into me being pregnant , kissed be all over my body and made me cum with his mouth before fucking me. We ended up meeting twice a week for sex right through my pregnancy. Then after the baby came we just stopped and stayed good friends.

  • Sexy!

  • My husband didn't want sex the whole time I was pregnant. He used to say it was weird knowing our baby was inches away from his dick. So from the moment we found out I was pregnant until after birth, he wouldn't have sex with me. Jimmy my coworker didn't mind having sex with me in the meantime. I ended it with Jimmy after I gave birth.

  • Author: Thank you for being so open with us!

  • Progesterone levels in pregnant women are higher making them hornier than usual. It’s not the same for all women but a lot do become more sexual

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