Love women's panties

It started when I was 9yrs. First just picking moms panties up the I began to wear them. Not long after that I started to run in them. All three my childhood I kept wearing panties. Now I'm 51 and still love the feel and how they still get me off watching my wife make hers wet.on a normal day my wife would have a pair of panties for me wear.She would slide in a clean pair and proceed to run herself till she was completely got and the panties were ready for me warm and moist. Her scent of excitement is intoxicating. It would dub my panties till she had me fun all over her faxe.

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  • In your dreams buddy and learn to spell!!!

    You are single and lonely, why make out that you have a wife, why not be honest and say that you are a lovely sissy?

  • I have been wearing panties for about 20 years and just have so many, the ones I paticularly love are double sided PVC or light coloured virtually see through plastic, so sexy

  • I wish there was a place where guys like us that wear panties could get together and show off our lace and silk. I’m not embarrassed at all to get up in front of like minded people to discuss the best brands and styles that fit men. I started with my sisters then would steal them from the ladies department store. Been wearing for 30 years

  • Do you wear panties all the time ?, they are so fantastic, I only wear panties and while at home a matching bra and nightie, my wife used to purchase them for me but for the last three years I always get my own, I also like my wife making me up even with a wig and am now training to wear my own heels.

  • You are not really married, I think you are either a single man or an older divorced man fantasising about ladies underwear and looking like your pretend or ex-wife, be truthful !!

  • It can be very true as a lot of guys love wearing panties and there wife or girlfriend know about it

  • No thats not correct at all

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